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1.35 mm RF connectors send DC-to-90-GHz signals

A family of 1.35 mm board and cable connectors and cable assemblies from Samtec move mmWave signals.

Samtec 90 GHz mmwave connectorsWith 5G covering mmWave frequencies, engineers need connectors to move signals to and from boards, transmitters, and antennas. RF test equipment also needs these connections. Samtec’s 1.35 mm RF connectors let you send signals at frequencies from DC to 90 GHz. The connector and cable families include:

1 35 mm rf connectors send dc to 90 ghz signals 1You can use the 1.35 mm connectors and cable assemblies for E-band applications (60 GHz to 90 GHz), which cover automotive radar, because of their high operating frequency and electrical precision. In addition to connectors for cables, Samtec offers what the company claims are the only 1.35 mm board connectors that use vertical-compression mounting. The solderless launch lets you easily replace connectors on a board. Threaded coupling provides superior repeatability and mechanical stability. Samtec also offers microstrip and stripline options.

The RF047-A cable assembly has a maximum VSWR of 1.5:1. It also features a 5 mm minimum bend radius and insertion loss of 5 dB/ft at 90 GHz.

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