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Yvonne Jegede Clarifies Endorsement of Yul Edochie’s Second Marriage

'Why I endorsed Yul Edochie's second marriage' - Yvonne Jegede

Renowned Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has come out to address the controversy surrounding her recent endorsement of her colleague, Yul Edochie’s second marriage to Judy Austin. In a statement shared on her Instagram page, Jegede clarified that her words were not meant to trivialize the pain and hardship experienced by Edochie’s ex-wife, May Edochie.

The endorsement came during an appearance on ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, where Jegede stated that Edochie had done “nothing wrong” in marrying Judy Austin. However, her comments were met with backlash, with many accusing her of being insensitive to May Edochie’s feelings.

Reflecting on the interview, Jegede expressed regret that her words were misconstrued and seemed disrespectful towards May Edochie. She emphasized that her intention was not to cause any pain or disrespect, and she sincerely apologized for any hurt caused.

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Jegede went on to clarify that her remarks on polygamy were meant to highlight its cultural context and the importance of how it is approached. She admitted that her message may have been lost in her articulation, but she wanted to stress that she did not intend to belittle the struggles of women like May Edochie who are going through similar situations.

In conclusion, Jegede made it clear that she did not claim to have inside knowledge of the personal circumstances between Yul Edochie and his ex-wife. She hoped that her clarification would bring more understanding and clarity to the situation.

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In the world of Nollywood, where controversies often spark debates and discussions, Yvonne Jegede’s endorsement of Yul Edochie’s second marriage has certainly created a buzz. With her explanation and apology, she has shown that she is willing to acknowledge and learn from any mistakes made.



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