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Write my Essay Custom Writing: Is It Legal to Use Such Services?


Many students believe in the misconception that ordering writing services is illegal. They may often have heard teachers and parents saying that using professionals is cheating. But is it really so? Continue reading to find out why essay custom writing service is not illegal and even positive for the students.

Why do Students use Custom Writing Services?

Students may use custom writing services because of various reasons. Usually, the two main reasons are lack of time and a tight schedule. Sometimes students have a lot of tasks, and there is not enough time to complete them all. That’s when homework help services come to the rescue because doing it requires maximum attention and concentration, but when a student is in a hurry, he or she can make a lot of mistakes. That is why such services have been developed to solve this problem. Luckily, a custom essay writing company can quickly solve tasks of any complexity.

Custom writing services also serve as tips for completing a difficult task. For example, when writing a new type of essay, if you do not understand how to structure or format it, then you can turn to such a platform for help and get a result in a short period. You can then continue with this task.


But if you are completely confused and don’t know where to start, then you need to use such services because they are 100 % legal. The company will provide you with a ready-made task, which you can then use as a template with step-by-step instructions for writing other, similar types of papers. Sometimes it is impossible to achieve a result without help, so do not hesitate to use homework help sites.

Why are Writing Custom Essay Services Considered Illegall?

Students often believe that custom writing services are illegal. They may think so because of the teachers who scare them. Lots of teachers claim that using paper writing services is illegal because it is cheating. However, many students use the service not to cheat but because they don’t have another choice. Students may not have enough time but they still need to get a high grade. That’s where custom coursework writing comes in handy.


Yes, this activity can be considered cheating, however, no one will find out if the papers will be original. It is impossible to distinguish the paper and to prove that you have ordered it from the specialized website.

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Other people claim that the customer writing papers are scams. But their thoughts are probably based on their unsuccessful experience in working with online custom papers helpers. Yes, scammers often use fake platforms to deceive students. In fact, fake websites don’t work for a long time and get banned after a few weeks of work.

Why Best Custom Writing isn’t Illegal?

Custom writing services can not be considered illegal even if look at the question from different angles. The work of any business can be considered illegal only in case it breaks the law. However, homework-help websites do not break the laws of any country. It means that the only law you can break is the no-cheating law. Besides, custom paper websites are very helpful.

Helping students

Custom writing websites work for good of the students and save them in difficult times. Custom essays writing services help improve academic performance and send ready-made essays on time. There is nothing wrong with using help from time to time. Sometimes students forget that they should also take care of their mental health. It means that you should not overload yourself with homework. Not making an effort to make an assignment is much worse than ordering professional help.

No plagiarism

All the custom writing papers provided by homework helpers are unique. Students may suffer from accident plagiarism, however, this will never happen if you use specialized services. You need to use online platforms that provide users with a plagiarism policy. It means that writers check the text at the anti-plagiarism checker and never copy any information from other sources. Students can enjoy 100% original papers without any worries.


Students can use lots of guarantees that prove that the website is legal. First of all, all the users can use the money-back guarantee. Using this guarantee means you can request your money back if you consider custom writing papers not good enough. You can also use a money-back guarantee if the helper didn’t match all your requirements. Writers create the essay based on the additional information and requirements from the students. That is why custom writing services can not be plagiarized. Students can always communicate with helpers and ask anything about the process of work. You are free to ask about the current stage of work. You may also correct your helper in case he doesn’t meet your requirements for any reason.

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High Quality

You will unlikely get a quality custom paper writing service if you use a non-legit custom writing website. However, legal and trustworthy websites provide students only with the best custom papers. Thanks to reliable websites you will enjoy a well-formatted and structured paper with no mistakes. The helper can even imitate your writing style if you need it. This way your teacher will believe that the papers are made by you with no extra help.



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