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Which Duggar Couple Has The Biggest Age Gap?


The Duggar couple with the biggest age gap is daughter Jinger (née Duggar) and her husband Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger was 24 when her husband was 31, putting their reported age gap at about seven years. A Reddit user on r/DuggarSnark calculated the age gaps between all the Duggar couples as of November 2021, confirming that the Vuolos have the largest age gap out of Jinger’s parents, siblings, and siblings-in-law, with an age gap of over six years between them.

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As a point of reference, Jinger’s date of birth is December 21, 1993. Jeremy was born in September 1987, according to an archived page from Syracuse University Athletics, and his exact date of birth is reportedly September 5, 1987. Meanwhile, Jeremy has previously claimed in a video that his wife Jinger has forgotten her own age before.

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which duggar couple has the biggest age gap



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