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What Do the People on Your Relationship Tree Mean to You?


Everybody knows people, it’s one of those things in life, that you can be sure of. From the moment you’re born, to the moment you leave it all behind, you will meet people from all walks of life. You’ll have your family, close friends, friends, essential acquaintances, and acquaintances who will all serve you a different purpose, and vice versa, it’s part of what determines their place on your relationship tree.

It’s all about relationships

Clearly, you can’t choose your bloodline family, that card has already been dealt to you, unlike being able to choose managed  IT consulting in Seattle, although that doesn’t dictate who you choose to spend your time with. Some people get on really well with their families, and don’t really venture anywhere outside of that relationship, however, for the most part people do venture outside of that ring, because they need something extra.

There are those that don’t really have anything in common with their family too, so things are ok but, they will most certainly substitute the lack of bond with other people that they feel more at ease with or can relate to on an even level. Sadly, there are those that just don’t see eye to eye, usually due to a relationship issue, either directly, or indirectly, everything is interlinked.

Where they sit, is largely down to you

Sometimes, not getting on with family can be unavoidable, however, guess what? You know people, and those people know other people, and so on, so it’s not a complete wash out…. Resources have been provided for you. Suffice to say that, not everybody will get on with everybody else they meet, it’s a part of life which necessitates awareness, understanding, and acceptance. A better understanding can play a big part in one’s peace of mind, on the other hand, a lack of can see people spending their whole life, doing everything they can to try and make everybody happy.

Largely, people pleasers just want to be liked, or to feel reassured about something, which is fine if you only need a small dose of gratification, if on the other hand, one dose is never enough, then one can only imagine the process to be something like being on a never ending merry go round, chasing a prize that can never be reached, ever.

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Awareness, understanding, and acceptance will most certainly determine which type of relationships that you have with the people you know and, if made use of, these skills can help you to make the most of each person you know, as well as to serve them, in whichever way they need.

Relationship tree optimization

If you can see where the people you know sit, within your ‘relationship tree’ then you can be sure to be even more effective when it comes to prioritising relations, and which ones to ‘shift’ around to ensure that your needs are met as efficiently as possible. It’s a people thing, the world relies upon it, well, it doesn’t, people do, people need people, which is why it is so clear to see how successful people are, when they have the right people around them.

Stick with the winners

If you stick with the losers, then you’ll probably lose, if you stick with the winners, then you’ll likely win, nobody wants to bet on the losing team, but if you do, you’ll be with them. It’s one of those unseen laws of attraction that never gets old.



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