Unilever Nigeria celebrates students on Children?s Day

In demonstration of its commitment to the bright future of Nigeria’s children, Unilever Nigeria organized a special event to celebrate children in Makoko community, Lagos. This was part of its activities to commemorate the 2018 Children’s Day celebration.

The event held at Ken Ade Private School, Makoko, had children from other schools in the community in attendance. With over 500 children in attendance, it was a good opportunity for Unilever to emphasis the importance of good health and wellbeing through its message of oral hygiene. The children were told that oral health impacts significantly on the entire human body. This makes it important for everyone, especially children to take proper care of their mouth by brushing twice daily.

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In addition to the educative session on oral and general hygiene, the children were also treated to various fun activities like games, cultural dancing competition, march past around the neighbourhood, bouncing castle and several others to deepen the social interactions with the children.

Speaking at the event, the Sustainable Business Manager, Ghana and Nigeria, Ayodele Alabi, said,“as an organisation with a vision to make Sustainable Living Commonplace, investing in communities around us through various social projects is what we do. Here in Makoko, we believe we can play a part in improving the health and well-being of the people who reside here, reducing environmental impact, and providing enhanced livelihood through our brands and operations.”

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Alabi added that it is in demonstration of this, that we dedicated today to spend quality time with children in the community and educate them on the importance of general hygiene, while creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter.

On her part, the Perfect City Manager, Customer Development, Unilever Nigeria, Nnenna Ikpeme said, “we are pleased to celebrate this day with.


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