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Trump’s Admission in “Meet the Press” Interview Jeopardizes His Legal Defense, Says Chris Christie


Former NJ Governor criticizes Trump’s self-incriminating statements and lack of denial in ongoing criminal cases

In a recent interview on “Meet the Press,” former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie expressed his concern over former President Donald Trump’s detrimental impact on his own legal defense. Christie, who is now running against Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, stated that every time Trump speaks, his lawyers must be filled with a sense of nausea.

Trump’s potential defense in the face of 91 felony counts across four criminal cases relies heavily on the claim that he was following legal advice when orchestrating a plot to overturn the results of the 2020 election. However, during Sunday’s interview, Trump openly admitted that the decisions were his own.

“It was my decision,” Trump confessed to interviewer Kristen Welker.

Christie, a former Trump ally, observed that Trump’s admission only serves to undermine any potential defense strategy he may have had. He described Trump as someone who is digging himself into a deeper hole and eroding his own chances of a successful defense.

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“This is a guy who is just burying himself deeper and deeper, taking away any potential defense he has,” Christie remarked.

Despite the usual barrage of falsehoods that accompanied Trump’s remarks during the interview, Christie acknowledged that this was a rare moment when the former president was actually telling the truth.

“I think he was the person who made these decisions. I think he is responsible for his own conduct,” Christie stated. “But I tell you, if I was his defense lawyer, I’d want to jump out a window every time this guy gets in front of a microphone or in front of a screen to send something out on Truth Social.”

Christie further highlighted that Trump never explicitly denied the allegations at the core of the criminal cases against him. This lack of denial, according to Christie, places Trump in significant legal jeopardy.

“If you don’t deny the conduct, then you’re in very, very big trouble,” Christie warned. “He is in big trouble.”

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Christie’s remarks come at a critical time for the Republican Party, as they consider potential nominees for the 2024 presidential election. With his own bid for the nomination, Christie’s criticism of Trump’s legal vulnerabilities adds fuel to the ongoing debate within the party.

The former New Jersey Governor’s comments also raise questions about the effectiveness of Trump’s legal team, who must navigate a treacherous landscape given their client’s self-incriminating statements. Trump’s lawyers now face the daunting task of formulating a defense strategy that can counteract the damaging impact of his own admissions.

In conclusion, Chris Christie’s recent assessment of Donald Trump’s legal defense highlights the former president’s self-sabotaging tendencies. Trump’s admission during the “Meet the Press” interview, combined with his failure to deny the allegations against him, has left his defense team in a precarious position. As the Republican Party considers its future, these revelations may have significant implications for Trump’s political aspirations and the ongoing criminal cases against him.

Chris Christie: This was a rare moment Trump told the truth



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