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Tribunal Nullifies Election, Orders Rerun for Osun PDP Lawmaker


In a stunning turn of events, the National and State Assembly Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Osogbo has nullified the election that brought Awoyeye Jeremiah, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Ife Central State Constituency, to power. The tribunal, led by Justice V. O. Eboreime, ordered a rerun in 26 polling units of Ife-central State constituency. This decision has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Osun State.

The tribunal’s unanimous judgment was based on the finding that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) erred in declaring Awoyeye Jeremiah as the winner. According to the tribunal, INEC did not conduct the election in compliance with the provisions of the Electoral Act 2022 as amended, Regulations and Guidelines for the Conduct of Elections, and the Manual for Election.

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for Ife Central State Constituency, Adejobi Johnson, had filed a petition before the tribunal, challenging the outcome of the March 18 election. Adejobi not only sought to nullify the declaration and return made by INEC but also raised concerns about the conduct of the election itself.

During the proceedings, the counsel representing INEC, Awoyeye Jeremiah, and the PDP expressed their disappointment with the tribunal’s decision and announced their intention to appeal the judgment. This development sets the stage for a legal battle that will determine the fate of the Ife Central State Constituency seat.

The nullification of the election and the subsequent order for a rerun have ignited intense political debates in Osun State. Many are questioning the credibility of the electoral process and the competence of INEC in ensuring free and fair elections. This case has further highlighted the need for electoral reforms and stricter adherence to electoral laws.

The Ife Central State Constituency, known for its vibrant political atmosphere, is now bracing itself for another round of campaigning and voting. The rerun in the 26 affected polling units will undoubtedly be closely watched by both the PDP and the APC, as they seek to secure victory in this crucial constituency.

Political analysts and observers are closely monitoring the developments in this case, as it has the potential to set a precedent for future electoral disputes. The tribunal’s judgment sends a clear message that electoral irregularities will not be tolerated, and those found guilty of misconduct will be held accountable.

In light of the upcoming rerun, political parties are expected to intensify their campaign efforts, hoping to sway voters in their favor. The Ife Central State Constituency residents are now faced with the task of carefully evaluating the candidates and their promises, as they hold the power to shape the future of their constituency.

The outcome of the rerun will not only determine the representative for Ife Central State Constituency but will also have wider implications for the political landscape of Osun State. The PDP, desperate to retain the seat, will be fighting tooth and nail to reclaim victory, while the APC will be equally determined to secure a win.

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As this legal battle unfolds, the people of Osun State eagerly await a resolution. The tribunal’s decision has sparked a renewed interest in the electoral process, with citizens demanding transparency and accountability from their elected officials. The outcome of the rerun will undoubtedly shape the public’s perception of the political parties involved and their commitment to upholding democratic principles.

In conclusion, the nullification of the election and the subsequent order for a rerun in Ife Central State Constituency has thrown the political landscape of Osun State into disarray. The tribunal’s judgment has raised important questions about the conduct of elections and the role of INEC in ensuring a fair and transparent process. As the legal battle continues, all eyes are on the upcoming rerun, which will determine the fate of the PDP and the APC in this crucial constituency.



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