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What do you think Messi take during Barca vs Olympiacos tie?


What did Barcelona’s goal monger Lionel Messi take in a jiffy in the 10th minute of the club’s Champions league match against Olympiacos Wednesday night? Was it glucose tablet? You may not have noticed, but some did and those who did are wondering what it was while those who did not are asking those who saw what they saw.

Messi hit the headlines on Wednesday night when his 100th European goal helped Barcelona beat Olympiacos 3-1 in the Champions League.

His free-kick in the 61st minute doubled Barca’s lead and sent them on their way to a third win out of three in Group D, despite the sending off of Gerard Pique before half-time.

But there was a moment in the first-half which escaped the attentions of all but the most observant of viewers which has sparked some debate.

In the 10th minute of the game the Argentine appeared to take something from his sock and put it in his mouth, but it was impossible to tell what it was from the TV cameras.

But Spanish paper Sport believe they have got to the bottom of the mystery.

They report that a Catalunya Radio journalist claimed the object was a glucose tablet.

He claims it was the best time to take the tablet as ‘before the first 15 minutes of physical effort is when the muscles are most receptive’.

It is usual for athletes to take these tablets, but rarely is it seen during the game, instead they are often take them after the warm-up and before the game.

It clearly worked for the 30-year-old as he steered Barcelona towards another win at the Nou Camp.

Though it was his 100th in European competition, it only took his Champions League total to 97, as he has scored three times in the Super Cup. It took Messi just 122 games to reach his ton.




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