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The Shocking Revelation of Nikki Glaser’s Bullying Experience

The Tragic Truth About Nikki Glaser

In a recent episode of “The Nikki Glaser Podcast,” the talented comedian opened up about a dark chapter in her career where she was targeted and bullied by another female comedian. The incident took place at the Funny Bone comedy club in St. Louis, where the unnamed bully made it her mission to tarnish Glaser’s reputation by spreading false rumors about her personal life.

The bully went as far as accusing Glaser of sleeping with multiple male comics, including well-known names like Doug Benson and Pauly Shore. Additionally, she claimed that Glaser was performing material that was not her own, casting doubt on her integrity as a comedian. This relentless campaign of harassment left Glaser feeling scared and vulnerable in her own workplace.

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The situation escalated when the bully decided to take her attacks to the stage during one of Glaser’s sets. In front of an audience who were largely unfamiliar with Glaser at the time, the bully launched into a mini-roast that aimed to humiliate her. One particularly hurtful comment made by the tormentor was comparing Glaser to Sarah Palin, a comparison that Glaser found deeply offensive.

The psychological toll of the bullying began to affect Glaser’s performances, with her confidence shaken by the constant fear of being targeted. During one set, the mere presence of the bully in the audience caused Glaser to start bombing. In a desperate attempt to regain control, Glaser shocked both herself and the audience by revealing that she had just been diagnosed with HPV.

Reflecting on the experience, Glaser recalled the intense pressure she felt to outdo the bully’s cruelty by being even harsher on herself. The fear of being talked about and ridiculed by her tormentor consumed her thoughts, leading to a downward spiral in her mental state.

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Despite the challenges she faced, Glaser’s resilience and determination ultimately helped her overcome this dark period in her career. By sharing her story, she hopes to shed light on the harsh realities of bullying in the entertainment industry and inspire others to stand up against such behavior.

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the tragic truth about nikki glaser



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