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The real meaning behind Taylor Swift’s Coney Island lyrics


Taylor Swift’s “Coney Island” appears to be about a romance nearing its end, as she sings in one section, “Break my soul in two looking for you / But you’re right here / If I can’t relate to you anymore / Then who am I related to?” And in another moment, she says, “Did I close my fist around something delicate / Did I shatter you?”

Outside of the mournful lyrics, the song has a lot of callbacks to earlier lyrics. As Ravenreyes pointed out on Genius Lyrics, the delicate line is likely about 2017’s “Delicate.” They wrote, “In reputation, Taylor questions if she’s moving too fast in ‘Delicate.’ ‘Is it cool that I said all that? / Is it chill that you’re in my head? / ‘Cause I know that it’s delicate (Delicate).'” Another potential callback, as Radalfo noted, is when Swift sings, “And when I got into the accident. The sight that flashed before me was your face.” That seems to be a clear reference to 2014’s “Out of the Woods.”

There seems to be a theory going around that “Coney Island” is a “rejected track from Reputation.” The rumor hasn’t been addressed as of this writing, so who knows. But what is clear? The track is about someone from Swift’s past, perhaps Harry Styles? “Out of Woods'” was supposedly written about their romance. Hmm.

the real meaning behind taylor swifts coney island lyrics



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