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The Best Fashion Brand-Designed Cars


Clothing designers have, slowly but surely, been encroaching on other folks’ territory for some time now. There’s a designer version of almost everything. But does designing a motoring glove give them the right to start designing cars?

Gucci Fiat 500

Fiat and Gucci are, arguably, at the top of their respective olive trees. So it makes sense for two of Italy’s design icons to collaborate.

Gucci wrapped the 500 in its signature red and green stripes, then stamped interlocking Gs on the alloys and embossed the same logo onto the headrests and seats. The fashion house also dolled up the interior, switching out the fabric seats for leather.

You can bag yourself this oversized designer wallet for about £7,000 used.

Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque already looks like a storm trooper, but that wasn’t enough for Mrs Beckham. In her hands, the ultimate footballer’s car gets spiced up. Additions included matte grey paint and rose gold accents throughout, as well as tan leather and mohair carpets (reportedly to remind her of being whizzed to school in her dad’s Rolls).

You even got bespoke luggage, although it seems Posh never really used hers; it went up for sale earlier this year with just 1,400 miles on the clock.

Paul Smith Mini

In 1998, Smith got his hands on the original Mini (the one that was actually mini) and gave it the full Paul Smith treatment.

Only 1,800 were produced, many in Smith’s bespoke blue-purple tone. All came with a black, Jag-lite, leather interior and a Paul Smith badge on the front in place of the standard one.

Style-wise, this hits the current Mini out of the park.

Kenneth Cole Mini

Cole’s Mini convertible was a little less subtle. Commissioned as a one-off in 2010, the Cole car was auctioned at Vienna’s amFAR gala in aid of AIDS research.

Essentially, he turned the car into something you might drive to a particular kind of club in Vauxhall, with metal studs all over the body and lots of leather inside. Less S&M, more do-mini-trix.

Versace Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Versace only made two of its special edition Lambos: one in black and one in white. Both sold for around $1m.

The best bit about the Murcielago was the interior – the seats, door trims and centre console were coated in quilted leather with Versace’s Greek fret pattern embossed on to it.

As you’d expect from Versace, it wasn’t exactly subtle. But then again, you’d want something with this much sex appeal to make a statement.

Gucci AMC Hornet Sportabout

The first fashion-car collaboration was fairly restrained. The version that appeared on forecourts featured four special paint jobs, a luxury interior and a sportier silhouette.

So far, so tame. But it was the one-off that AMC produced for Aldo Gucci himself that we’d want; it featured a pull-out writing desk in the dashboard (complete with lamp) and a drinks cabinet tucked behind the driver’s seat.



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