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The Best Coach Jackets To Buy In 2022


Coach Jackets, Modern man’s outerwear options have expanded well beyond the traditional sartorial suspects in recent years. Where once there were macs, denim, and leather jackets at our disposal, we now have windbreakers constructed from cutting-edge technical fabrics and worker jackets of every kind. But one of the strongest transitional top layers flies under the radar: coach jackets.

A US classic reborn, the coach jacket has evolved from its origins as a lightweight, logoed-up waterproof layer for American football coaches. Picked up by hip-hop fashion in the 1990s, as squads like NWA and Public Enemy turned sports uniforms into hyper-masculine streetwear, the silhouette has gone on to garner a cult following and become synonymous with urban style.

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“The original was characterized by a point collar, snap-button front, hip pockets, and drawstring waist,” says Emma Shore, designer at streetwear label Boiler Room. “The best modern examples stay true to these elements, but run wild with everything else.” That means materials both luxe and utility, cuts from oversized to slim-fit, and everything from souvenir jacket-style chinoiserie to Scandinavian minimalism.

Coach jackets are extremely versatile, perfect for bridging the gap between sporty and smart. It hits similar marks to last year’s outerwear must-have, the overshirt – albeit with a technical handle – which allows it to be dressed down with jeans or even layered up over unstructured tailoring. Making the coach jacket an undisputed outerwear MVP.

The Best Men’s Coach Jackets

Maison Kitsuné

The coach jacket’s American-assembled style is made Parisian chic by Maison Kitsuné and its brand of simple and effortlessly elegant style. There’s no messing with the straightforward design bar: a crisp cutaway collar, with two colors on offer. Choose between a vintage-tinged beige, and faded stone-grey, both finished off with a trademark fox badge.

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Less flashy than some of its other high street counterparts – and more wearable as a consequence – there’s nothing overcooked about the coach jacket selection at ASOS (which has acquired Topman). This effortless check stands out for its ability to go with just about anything you’ve already got in your wardrobe, and the fact it’s conveniently been made machine-washable.

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Navy Check Smart Coach Jackets


Skatewear has always been enamored with the practical and versatile, so it’s no surprise one of its kingpins, Vans, has taken the modest coach jacket to heart. Cut tidily at the waist and in a flattering fit around the shoulders, Vans prefers to make wholesale changes to its coach jackets via bright shades like this bold yellow and intriguing team-ups with The North Face and NASA.

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TORREY JACKET coach jackets


A firm member of the skatewear meets streetwear holy trinity along with Supreme and Palace (although technically a surfwear brand) Stüssy isn’t one for shy and retiring menswear. Its coach jackets are some of the most eye-popping out there, laden with consciousness-expanding paisley patterns, acid-laced leopard print back panels, and the brightest neon this side of a lava lamp.

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Aimé Leon Dore

Dreamy, gelato shades, throwback logos, and athleisure so good it’d be a waste to not wear it out of the house have made New York label Aimé Leon Dore one of the buzziest brands on the planet. Its coach jacket rests heavily on that logo dexterity, sitting pretty and horizontal down the front, on a color palette of deep, dark shades that stand in contrast to its usual, brighter hues.

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Sportswear giant Adidas is perfectly at home in the sporty coach jacket territory. Less vintage, more forward-thinking Adidas has stripped back the coach jacket in its functional NMD range to the bare bones but has handily popped in some reinforced panels to protect those at-risk spots.

Elsewhere expect sporty performance features like ventilation slots on the back and a commitment to sustainability via recycled polyester shells.

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Carhartt WIP

The chore jacket might rule the roost at workwear label Carhartt WIP but that’s not to say its version of the coach jacket can’t give it a run for its money. Cliches aside, expect an ultra-tough but shiny-as-silk taffeta fabric, a smooth, textured tricot knit lining, and bright, stand-out shades from this burnt orange through to a handsome teal.

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Sitting pretty on the throne of the retro sportswear trend, it’s no surprise Champion nailed this old-school sportswear piece. Avoiding the overcooked bright colors for a rich shade of go-with-anything blue, the label makes its version out of a premium cotton blend instead of the usual nylon, with typical throwback touches like that trio of side stripes and majestic logo.

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Jacquard C Logo Tape Trim Woven Coach Jacket

Ebbets Field

Named after the iconic Brooklyn baseball ground, Ebbets Field recreates the official crew jackets of bygone baseball teams from the 1950s – and an early prototype of the coach jacket we know today. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the lightweight, water-resistant cotton blend construction, sharp collar, and nifty pockets batting this coach jacket style out of the park.

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Rochester Red Wings Grounds Crew Jacket

Ralph Lauren

The two sides of preppy favorite Ralph Lauren are on show in its coach jacket weaponry. On one hand, you have the evergreen RL design kept simple with the instantly recognizable polo player on the breast.

But there’s a more creative side on offer too, shown off by this mint varsity jacket that fashions the label as a 1960s high school team with a roaring tiger mascot sewn into the back. Pick your side wisely.

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If you can’t stand strutting down the street without people turning around to admire your fire ‘fit, then you’ll have to scurry down to BoohooMan quick.

The online retailer is a dab hand when it comes to mega-watt streetwear on a budget, and does not disappoint with its take on the coach jacket (sometimes known as a field jacket) cast in luminous yellow. It does come unlined however which is great for keeping the rain out but won’t prove much use against a wintry chill.

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MAN Coach Jacket With Topstitching

How To Wear A Coach Jacket

Retro Sportswear

If you want to keep the coach jacket on home ground, then the retro sportswear look is the route to go down.

Keep your eye out for big, throwback logos – the more kitsch the better – retro stripes down the sleeves and finish the job by wearing it with other sportswear meets streetwear faves like a pair of slim-fitting tracksuit bottoms for wintry climes, thigh-skimming running shorts for when festival season bounces back around.

How To Wear A Coach Jacket
Image Credit: Unknown


The slim, flattering cut of a coach jacket makes transferring it away from its natural retro sportswear habitat surprisingly easy.

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It can echo the formality of whatever else you’re wearing, so if you want to smarten up then swap out your blazer and sub in the coach’s jacket. Then it’s a case of simply layering it over a knitted long-sleeve polo or a fine gauge roll neck as we sidle into winter with a pair of office-ready trousers shoring up the defense.

How To Wear Coach Jackets
Image Credit: Burton

Statement Layer

Black, navy, and beige versions of the coach coat will always be able deputies to the rest of your outfit leading the way. But if you’re buying a coach jacket to lead the team and make MVP, you’re going to have to go bolder on the shade, and tone everything else down.

Remember the color wheel and pair with similar shades, or go all out on contrast, plucking out an on-trend neon or Day-Glo tint against an all-black backdrop.

Coach Jackets
Image Credit: Reiss

FAQs About Coach Jackets

Are coach jackets in style?

Short answer: yes. Allow us to explain. Considering menswear’s ongoing obsession with all things the nineties, it’s unsurprising that this type of jacket is back. The style’s practical benefits endure – it’s lightweight and showerproof, so perfect for navigating changeable weather – but this season, designers have reworked it for a sleeker, crisper take. Now you can find coaches’ jackets on celebrities like Kanye West as often as on the field.

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How warm are coach jackets?

Coach jackets can be warm or more of a lightweight outerwear piece, depending on their construction. If they’re lined with fleece or sherpa, or have technical wind-breaking capabilities, you can expect a coach jacket to keep your body temperature high.

Typically, they are in the light-to-mid-weight category as far as jackets go, meaning a walk around the block on a crisp autumn day is a go, but your next climb up Everest will warrant something warmer.

How should a coach jacket fit?

Coach jackets are usually worn in a boxier, more oversized fit, rather than in a form-fitting style. This, of course, depends on the individual preference of the wearer. We’d recommend pairing your coach jacket with something more form-fitting underneath, so you don’t lose your whole figure during wear.



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