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“Superbad” Star Mintz-Plasse Rejects Idea of Revisiting Classic Comedy


It has been more than 15 years since “Superbad” graced our screens and became a defining teen comedy of the ’00s. With the current obsession over reboots, remakes and reimaginings in Hollywood, it seems inevitable that some kind of revisit to the beloved classic may happen soon. However, one of the original stars of the raunchy comedy, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, has made it clear that he has no interest in reliving his glory days – unless there’s a significant twist.

Speaking to Glenn Kalina on 98.1 WOGL, Mintz-Plasse stated that the only way a new “Superbad” could happen was if the main cast was all-female. He shared, “I’ve heard from some of the people who made the first one, and I don’t think they want to touch it. I think they kind of like where it’s sitting. And, sometimes if you make a sequel to things, it can kind of damper the first one. I think they just want to let it be…If there was a way to do it, [a female version] would be the way, for sure.”

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Mintz-Plasse played the iconic fake ID creator McLovin in the coming-of-age comedy, where he co-starred with Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. Even Seth Rogen, who co-wrote the script with Evan Goldberg during their years at Vancouver’s Point Grey Secondary School, concurs with Mintz-Plasse’s stance. Rogen told LADBible in 2022 that he would “100 percent probably never touch” the film that gave him his claim to fame as one of his generation’s funniest movie stars.

The idea of a female-led “Superbad” is gaining momentum in Hollywood, particularly in the wake of the success of similar reimagining or spin-offs of classic movies with female characters. With the critical and commercial success of “Ocean’s 8” or “The ghostbusters” reboot, the concept of gender-swapping ensemble comedies has taken hold in Tinseltown. The latest addition to the trend is the upcoming release of “She’s All That: He’s All That,” a gender-flipped remake of the popular 1999 teen rom-com.

While it remains to be seen whether a gender-swapped version of “Superbad” will ever come to fruition, the original film has undoubtedly achieved cult status. In 2007, the three-hour podcast episode “Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg” was included in Slate Magazine’s podcast Hall of Fame for “Superbad” gliding discussions of adolescence and the creative process. The movie has also inspired various copycat comedies in the years since its release that attempts to replicate its raunchy humor, hijinks, and heart.

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As Hollywood continues to exhaust its well of original material, the odds remain high for another classic film getting a modern-day retelling. Although, with the talent involved in the original production having no interest or intention in revisiting it, it seems doubtful “Superbad” will be receiving a sequel or reboot anytime soon. For now, the iconic high-school party scene, the McLovin catchphrase, and the other memorable moments from the classic comedy will have to remain in their rightful place in the halls of cinematic history.

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