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Slim Thick Ladies We know plus size ladies can’t have all the glory when it comes to curves and signature poses on the gram thereby taking all the glory and hugging all the limelight. Here we’ve got a good combo of fashion trends that will match up women caught in

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between the ladies who got the real goods and those who are getting there when it comes to their stylish curves. With all the love we’ve got for styling thick slim, buddilicious thickumms and slim ladies. Nevertheless, check these out.

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slim thick 8 Slim Thick Ladies Slim Thick Ladies slim thick 5 slim thick 6 slim thick 7

A significant issue with this admiration is that it appropriates black women’s bodies. Many black women and other women of colour have slim/ thick figures naturally. The only thing is that they weren’t deemed as sexy or attractive until recently, and when they are, it results in both an appropriation and objectification that is may tend to cause harm to women of colour.


This glorification arrived only when rich, white celebrities decided these body types were worthy of praise and attention.

Think Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea. These celebs use plastic surgery, extreme diets, and waist trainers to achieve their looks.

This doesn’t extend to black celebrities like Nicki Minaj. When Minaj achieves and flaunts this body type she is examined closely and is accused of being fake. This goes to show that racism is so embedded in our minds that when a black woman and a white woman have slim/ thick figures, one is hot and the other is fake.

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