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Seven ways social media has changed customer service

The power of social media cannot be underestimated by any serious brand or organisation, especially when it has to do with customer satisfaction and engagement. It has completely changed interaction with customers. So, how has social media revolutionised customer service? According to Jumia Travel, here are seven ways this is happening:

  1. Public and open interaction with customers

Today, customers can have public and open interaction with any brand whether they have complaints or not. There is nothing that is hidden anymore.

  1. Variety of options

Customers do not need to dial any number to reach customer service. With social media, they now have options to engage businesses. There is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help resolve any issue. This is because many organisations now have social media presence.

  1. Ruin a brand’s reputation

If you want to destroy or ruin a brand’s reputation, you should take to social media. You can do this when such an organisation is unresponsive and refuse to take action on your complaints. A tweet will prompt them to act because they want to protect their image.

  1. Take advantage of influencers to build your brand

There are now social media influencers who can help you promote your brand or social media campaign. This can give you more traction and reach.

  1. Provide instant help to customers

This is the ultimate way social media has changed customer service. It has made it easier to provide instant and immediate assistance to customers. It is presently possible for brands to quickly respond to inquiries, questions and complaints.

  1. Announce policy changes

News organisations now follow the social media accounts of brands so that they will get first-hand information and announcements. So, no organisation needs to go through newspapers or television to announce policy changes. You can share a post on social media and the media will pick it up.

  1. Deal with different customers at the same time

With social media, you can deal with different customers at the same time. This is why social media is a department under Public Relations in some organisations.

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