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See Kyle’s Shocked Reaction When Marissa Tells Him They’re Not Dating on What Happens at The Abbey: “It’s Not a Thing”

“We’re not dating?”

Marissa shocked Kyle on Sunday’s What Happens at The Abbey when she told him that they weren’t dating. On the episode, Kyle took Marissa on a cute picnic date and they even played mini-golf. But during the date, Kyle mentioned that he wanted Marissa to meet his grandma, which Marissa was not into.

“Hold up, your grandma? Kyle, I don’t even know your middle name, let alone be meeting grandma,” Marissa said in her confessional. “We have to slow it down.”

After this, Marissa started to create some distance between herself and Kyle and he didn’t understand why. While at a party to celebrate Brandi‘s birthday (and engagement!), Kyle noticed Marissa was giving him the cold shoulder.

And after Kim started talking about Marissa and Kyle as a couple, Marissa told her “it’s not a thing,” which Kyle overheard.

“Are we dating?” Kyle asked her.

“No,” Marissa replied. “When have we ever said that?”


“Kyle and I are definitely not dating,” Marissa said in her confessional. “I just got out of a long-term relationship and I’m definitely not interested in starting a new one.”

See Kyle’s shocked reaction when Marissa tells him they’re not dating in the recap video above! And to check out more must-see moments like when Brandi and Chloe announce they’re engaged and Ashlee tells everyone she’s in love with Billy!

Watch a brand new episode of What Happens at The Abbey Sunday at midnight, only on E!

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