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Saturday Surfing: June 3rd, 2017


karen when face shots go awryWhen face shots go awry

? Caturday…in the park…I think it was the third of June. ?

OK, that doesn’t really work. But good morning anyway! ? It’s finally the weekend, thank goodness.

NO, SERIOUSLY, THANK GOODNESS. Even though it was a short week because of Memorial Day, I don’t know why, but it still felt long.

So I’m just about ready to leave the house and head into the city for an early birthday (my bday is next week) lady date with my friends Jen and Cindy. First, we’re going to dim sum, then to watch the musical version of Roman Holiday, which I’m really excited about. The movie is one of my favorites.

But before I zip across the Golden Gate Bridge, here are some stories that caught my eye this week…

Tomorrow my plan is to speed-clean specific spots in my house, and I’m keeping it to just “specific spots,” because if I think of doing the whole house I get overwhelmed.

I really do have to face the music, though. I have a problem with clutter… I hold on to things longer than I should, so I’m going to force myself to de-clutter tomorrow (i.e. throw stuff away), and I’m going to start first thing in the morning while I’m still raring to go. I’m also going to take before and after pictures on my phone…just so that there’s photographic evidence that I did actually do something. And I’m going to work in 20 minute blocks with 10 minute breaks in between so I don’t burn myself out…

Yes, that’s a lot of mental preparation just for cleaning, but I REALLY don’t want to do it, so this is what it takes.

I keep thinking about something my HIIT instructor said the other day in class. “If you want to get something, you have to give something.” And I desperately want to de-clutter my house!

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you’re up to, and I hope you have some time to relax and even play with makeup. You deserve it!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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