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Rising Star Doyin Criticizes Nigerian Focus on Prayer Over Productivity

'Nigerians spend too much time praying instead of working - BBNaija Doyin

In a bold stance that has sparked debate across social media platforms, the outspoken Big Brother Naija alumna, Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, popularly known as Doyin, has taken a firm stance against what she perceives as an overemphasis on prayer in Nigerian society.

Expressing her religious views, the 22-year-old reality star dismissed the efficacy of religious programs, suggesting that Nigeria’s potential for greatness is hindered by an excess of prayer and a deficiency in tangible action.

Doyin’s candid remarks were shared on her Snapchat account, where she engaged with her followers on the topic. Responding to a fan’s inquiry about her absence from online religious programs, she explained, “I get a lot of those ‘hallelujah challenge’ and ‘what God cannot do doesn’t exist’ tags. People keep sending them to me, but I just don’t believe in that type of stuff, so I never join. It’s not bad… I just don’t believe in it.”

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In a subsequent post, the young influencer delved deeper into her perspective, stating, “If it were really by ‘hallelujah challenge’ and ‘what God cannot do’… Nigeria should be one of the greatest countries by now. We spend too much time praying and shouting hallelujah instead of actually working and being actual good human beings.”

She highlighted a common societal paradox, observing, “They will shout hallelujah finish and go back to cheating the next person they encounter or judging someone because the person presents themselves differently.” Doyin emphasized the importance of personal growth and ethical behavior over mere vocal expressions of faith.

“To me, it’s just a complete waste of time, but to each his own,” she remarked, acknowledging differing beliefs. “At the end of the day, all that should matter is having a good relationship with God and being a good human being.”

The reality star cautioned against complacency, asserting, “If you like, shout hallelujah from now till next year. If you don’t find ways to improve yourself and provide value… you’ll keep shouting hallelujah in hunger.”

Doyin’s remarks have ignited a spirited discussion online, with supporters and critics engaging in a dialogue about the balance between spiritual devotion and practical action in achieving personal and national progress.

While some have applauded her courage in challenging traditional norms, others have raised concerns about the potential impact of her statements on the public’s perception of faith and spirituality.

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As the conversation continues to unfold, Doyin remains steadfast in her belief that true transformation and prosperity stem from a combination of faith, hard work, and ethical conduct.

In a society where the intersection of religion and productivity is a perennial topic of discussion, Doyin’s perspective serves as a thought-provoking catalyst for introspection and dialogue.

As Nigerians navigate the complexities of faith and labor, the discourse sparked by Doyin’s words underscores the ongoing quest for a harmonious balance between spiritual devotion and tangible progress in the pursuit of individual and collective fulfillment.

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