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We really love each other but our parents are being difficult


His parents want me to switch to something I’m not; mine want him to make an inconvenient change, too!

Dear Bukky,

There is this guy I’m dating, I love him so much and he loves me in return.

We plan on getting married. He is a Jehovah’s Witness while I am a member of the Catholic Church.

The issue here is that his parents want me to become a witness before we can get married.

On the other hand my parents want him to become a Catholic before they would give out my hand in marriage.
I am so confused, please advise me on what to do.


Dear reader,

In all of this, I think what you and your partner want should be what really counts.

I mean, why should your parents be deciding when you both are the ones that really have to deal with the situation?

What is your partner saying about this issue, and what do you feel about it?

If you both plan to stick to your individual beliefs during the marriage, then make your parents understand that that’s what you both want!

You know your parents are no longer meant to have control over you at this stage, don’t you?

If you are planning to marry already. Then you’re old enough to make your own decisions on issues as this. They should only advise not force you to do their will like a kid who does not know his left from right.

If you have not had the conversation about church and preferred denominations with your man, I think it’s time to have it.

Each of you should then find a way to make your individual parents see that that is what you want. And that is the wish they should grant you.
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