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Pole-mounted power supply provides -48 V for 5G


pole mounted power supply provides 48 v for 5gABB Power Conversion introduced its SC1024 power system, which is designed for outdoor operation and well suited for private networking and broadband applications as well as small cell radios. The pole-mounted, enclosed power system features an integrated 1600W rectifier, and DC distribution, and offers 6 rack units of space for various 19” customer equipment to be housed in the weather-protected cabinet. 

At just 26.38” high by 25.49” wide and 21.19” deep, the SC1024 power system offers customers a desirable combination of power capacity, a compact footprint, and valuable space for end equipment.  

Additional features of the SC1024 include: Separate power and equipment chambers that help ensure safe maintenance for network equipment; Simple DC connections with integrated DC distribution; -48V DC output voltage; Hardened CC1600 outdoor rectifier to provide resilient robust 1600W power to load equipment; DC terminations in the equipment chamber for customer loads; An integrated generator plug, with a mechanically interlocked, manual transfer switch; Filtered forced-air ventilation to help maintain proper thermal performance;

The SC1024 power systems are shipped fully assembled and ready to mount directly on power, lighting, and telephone poles – options for frame mounting as well.



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