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Other Fashion Things You Can Buy Instead of 1 Bitcoin


Today’s most crucial buy isn’t a bag, or a shoe, or even a pair of bespoke jeans—it’s cryptocurrency. Though you may have dismissed it at first, it’s now virtually impossible to ignore. But what to do if you’re late to the jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon? True, there are the more affordable crypto-cousins of Bitcoin, like Ethereum and Litecoin; and true, there’s a lot of money to be made if you invest right (at the time of this post, each Bitcoin cost $11,492.50). Also true: There’s a lot to lose if you invest unwisely. So while others may be telling you that now is your time to take the plunge (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin prices have been taking substantial dips this week), this Vogue writer would like to direct your attention to alternative—and equally covetable—investments for a second.

If you’re like me—still flabbergasted by the considerable costs to buy in, and preferring to keep your investments closer to home, (say, hanging in your closet)—don’t let your lack of cryptocurrency get you down. Behold, instead, the buzziest fashion buys on the market. While prices for these hotly in-demand items may be out of control, if not completely overpriced, you’ll want to wear logos splashed across belt buckles and flashy bags forever—or at least the foreseeable future (try that with crypto). And while some may try to point out the inability of a pair of Saint Laurent sunnies to produce income, in these uncertain times, what could be better than putting your money into an article that retains its value and looks good while doing so?

Only time will tell whether cryptocurrency is a fraud or the future. Until then, consider this: You could buy one Bitcoin—or 58 Balenciaga scrunchies. Take your pick.



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