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Ordering more food than your date and other dinner date mistakes women make


Ordering more food than your date and other dinner date mistakes women make, As they say, manners maketh a man and sometimes a woman.

A dinner date should be fun

When someone invites you out for a romantic dinner, there are basic etiquette rules you have to follow.

This has become an issue because a lady on Twitter was accused of ordering N16,000 pasta (probably more than her date budgeted) and he was not happy about it.
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Well, people had their different opinions on what she should have done, but the bottom line is if you are asked out to a dinner date, here are some things you should take note of;

Don’t assume your date is paying

I remember one time I went out with this young man, we were both Youth Corpers, and somehow I assumed he would be paying for me, but it turned out he wasn’t and I had to pay. I wasn’t so thrilled.

Always make sure you settle who is paying. As a modern woman, ‘vex money shouldn’t be on your lips.

If you have enough money, you can offer to split the bill or pay, if you don’t have enough money to do so, tell him beforehand.

Never order more food than your date

A basic rule of the thumb is to say, “I’ll have whatever he is having” or “you can order for me” that way the cost is even.

He can say ‘you can order anything on the menu’, if you are feeling risky, you can take him by his word.

If he doesn’t say so and you are not the one paying, let him order first or try to get the cheapest meal on the menu.

Also, don’t order something you haven’t eaten before so you don’t waste it.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

If you haven’t had a type of alcoholic beverage, then that is not the time to experiment. Stay off alcohol as much as you can. Being drunk is not a good look.

Be nice to the waiters, drivers, and anyone serving

This is not the time to act like you are the Queen of England, screaming orders, complaining, and being rude. It is not a good look. Always say please and thank you.

Learn how to use cutlery

Can you eat rice with a fork and knife? Can you use a fork and knife to cut the chicken? Can you hold a wine glass? Except you are going to an Amala joint, you should be well versed in using cutleries.

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Don’t be too concerned about taking pictures

If at every point during the date, you are taking Snapchat pictures and videos of the food and even asking your date to take a picture of you constantly, that’s bad manners.

Except you are a content creator, and that seems like you are obsessed with social media.

Sure he can offer to take a picture of you or you can ask him to take your picture after the meal but don’t make picture-taking a major thing throughout the date.

Don’t be on your phone throughout

Nothing is more disheartening than being on a date with a person whose sole focus is their phone.

Dinner and fine dining experiences can be good times if you are considerate of your date and have good manners.



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