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Nollywood Icon Sets the Record Straight: Hanks Anuku Clears the Air on Mental Health Rumors

'I quit smoking long ago, don't do hard drugs' - Actor Hanks Anuku

In a recent revelation, Nollywood veteran, Hanks Anuku, has made it clear that he is not the man portrayed in a viral video that suggested he was mentally unstable. The actor took the opportunity to set the record straight, stating that he no longer smokes and has never indulged in hard drugs.

The video in question showed Anuku dressed in tattered clothes, appearing to be talking to himself. This sparked speculations and rumors about his mental health status, which prompted the actor to address the issue.

During a conversation with content creator, Lucky Udu, Anuku emphatically denied the claims, asserting that he does not partake in any activities that could jeopardize his mental well-being.

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“I am not a mad man… Some people say I was on hard drugs. I don’t do hard drugs. Back in the days I used to smoke but not anymore,” he disclosed.

The actor further explained, “I never went into anything hard drugs. I have self-control. There’s probably where I was depressed and had to have a little drink like beer or wine. That’s it. I don’t drink hard liquor.”

Anuku expressed feeling hurt by the betrayal of his own people, which led to his isolation. However, he made it clear that his mental health has never been compromised by substance abuse.

This revelation from the Nollywood icon sheds light on the misconceptions surrounding his personal life and serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving.

As Anuku sets the record straight on his past behaviors and current lifestyle choices, it is evident that he remains committed to his well-being and mental health.

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The actor’s candid disclosure not only dispels rumors but also highlights the importance of self-awareness and self-control in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, Hanks Anuku’s message serves as a reminder that we should not be quick to judge others based on appearances or false information. It is essential to seek the truth and approach situations with understanding and empathy.



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