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New Indie Artists to Keep on Your Radar


Finding new music is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. No matter what genre you favor, there’s always an up-and-coming talent that hasn’t yet come across your radar. And with the rise in streaming, it’s easier than ever to come across a new artist — especially with the number of playlists available on each platform.

If you’re a fan of indie music and its many subgenres, there are plenty of rising talents worth checking out and adding to your daily listening routine.

Here’s our list of the new indie artists that should be on your radar.

Lila Drew

Lila Drew is a young songwriter with an indie flair, making a name for herself with her debut album, All the Places I Could Be, at just 22 years old. The album is described as a journey of self-discovery and a coming-of-age story that can resonate with anyone.

Drew’s musical influences range from artists like Frank Ocean and The 1975 to songwriting powerhouses like Taylor Swift. Even at a young age, Drew is self-aware and wants to bring fans into the messiness of growing up with her powerful lyrics and cool girl vocals. Her late night vibe aura is one of the reasons she’s been featured in top streaming playlists, and she’s certainly one to watch.

Johnny Yukon

If you’re a fan of a more abstract pop/indie vibe, you’ll be pleased to hear Johnny Yukon and his vintage-yet-modern sound. The L.A.-based artist established himself as a sought-after songwriter early on, with writing credits for artists like Lil Wayne and Camilla Cabello. Within just a few months, his single “Snooze” earned over five million streams, with no signs of slowing down.

Sara Diamond

This Montreal singer-songwriter brings a unique sound to any indie playlist you’ll come across with a mix of eclectic indie-pop melodies and R&B additions. Currently, her streaming numbers sit at over 20 million, and Diamond’s writing credits are expanding, too — working with artists like Adventure Club, Lost Kings, and DLMT. Her musical influences are rooted in powerful females like Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys, which would explain her crossover between the pop, indie, and R&B worlds.


Indie-pop artist Tash is another female rising star looking to make her mark in the music world. Since being discovered back in 2016, Tash — full name Tash Palmer — has released 53 singles and 25 music videos and earned millions of streams across all platforms.

Being raised in a family of musicians, it’s no surprise why Tash gravitated towards a career writing and performing songs. What started as posting Instagram covers of artists like Mary J. Blige and Beyonce quickly blossomed into a promising career.

What’s the Best Way to Support Indie Artists?

When you find artists that you connect with, the best way to support them is to stream their music, connect and share their songs on social media, and visit them on tour when they come to your city. Supporting new indie artists helps make sure they can continue to make cool music for years to come.



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