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New Hulu Mini-Series Saint X Wraps Up With Answers to Alison’s Death and Clive’s Relationship Status


Viewers watching the recently concluded miniseries Saint X finally got the answers they’d been waiting for. The showrunners revealed who was responsible for Alison’s death and provided updates on Clive’s relationship status with Edwin.

As seen in the final episode which aired on May 31st, viewers were taken on the last few hours of Alison’s life, which included a visit to a local bar with her boyfriend Clive and his best friend Edwin. Alison made an attempt to initiate a threesome, but the two men came to terms with their feelings for each other, leaving Alison feeling unfulfilled.

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The frustrated Alison returned to the resort where she had sex with a past love interest, Tyler, but continued to feel unfulfilled. Alison spoke to her sister Emily just before heading out to a dangerous waterfall where she eventually fell to her death.

As Emily tried to come to terms with the truth behind Alison’s death, she decided to move away from New York. Meanwhile, Clive finally faced his past and returned to the Caribbean, where he reunited with Edwin. Clive discovered that Edwin was battling lung cancer, and the duo reconnected over their shared past.

Josh Bonzie, who played both past and present versions of Clive, reflected on the show’s plot twists before the finale. “There’s a lot of twists and turns in the show, and you can only hope that fans are just down for the ride and down to go on this rollercoaster with us,” the actor told Us Weekly in April. “I just hope that they enjoy it and have a good time with it. It’s entertaining because that’s what we’re all here for.”

Bonzie also shared his hopes for Clive’s future. “I hope that Clive is somewhere happy and that he’s able to move on and finally let go and forgive himself for the situation and his past,” the actor said. “I just hope that the peace he had never gotten in the series finally comes to him.”

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During a recent interview, Bonzie talked about his similarities with Clive, something he enjoyed exploring during the 10-episode arc of the show. “What was similar with us is there’s a heartbeat that we both have where we just want to live and enjoy life and kind of take things as they come,” he shared with Us. “I think we differ in terms of how we deal with things. This is someone who has gone through an insane amount of trauma which would change anyone. He shut down a little bit and closed himself off to the world, which was the challenge that presented itself early on to me. I had fun playing around with that.”

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In the end, Saint X wrapped up with answers to the questions that had been plaguing the viewers’ minds. While the character’s lives may not be perfect, there is a sense of closure and satisfaction, knowing that they’re working to move forward and improve their lives. The show’s twists and turns will undoubtedly keep fans talking and wondering about where these characters will end up in the future.


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