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‘My Gratitude to Davido for Cherishing Chioma’ – Cubana Chief Priest Acknowledges

'Thank you for not discarding Chioma' - Cubana Chief Priest to Davido

A heartfelt moment unfolded recently as the renowned businessman and socialite, Pascal Okechukwu, famously known as Cubana Chief Priest, expressed his gratitude towards the sensational afrobeats icon, Davido, for valuing his soon-to-be wife, Chioma Rowland.

Hailing from Imo state himself, Chief Priest commended Davido for bringing pride to their state by selecting Chioma as his prospective life partner. This touching sentiment was shared during a candid interaction captured in a video from Davido’s recent visit to his abode.

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The sincerity in his words shone through as he voiced, “Thank you for not discarding my sister [Chioma]. You are a commendable man. May God shower you with endless blessings.”

Taking to Instagram, the socialite penned a message of appreciation, affirming, “My esteemed Davido, you have displayed exceptional grace. By staying steadfast in supporting our daughter, you have elevated our Imo state with pride.

“Imo and Osun now stand united in this union. This is a testament to the bond between brothers. Time has revealed this truth. To the epitome of wealth, your visit is deeply cherished. #Chivido2024.”

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In recent news by wowplus.net, it was confirmed that Davido will be exchanging vows with Chioma on the 25th of June in Lagos. The pair caused a delightful stir across social media on a Sunday evening with the unveiling of their enchanting pre-wedding snapshots.

Founded upon mutual respect and love, this upcoming union signifies a beautiful journey ahead for the couple, with their shared moments now becoming a spectacle for their adoring fans.

As the anticipation for their impending nuptials continues to mount, the bond between Davido and Chioma stands as a shining example of love and commitment in the entertainment realm.



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