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Must-follow recommendations to boost sales in 2023


Undoubtedly, all businesses aspire to grow, but most fail to identify the means by which to fuel their growth in the present sales landscape. With so many competitors in the sector, it’s crucial to implement some working strategies that enable an organisation to scale steadily.

Sales experts know several techniques that can improve a company’s sales. Still, it’s paramount to identify the one or combination of which strategies will work best for a business in a particular period. Sales strategies must be based on reliable data, thorough research, and market requirements.

In an ideal world, a new product that meets the public’s needs would be more than enough to drive sales. In reality, companies must consider some factors that impact the sales process because the landscape is changing continually and poses new challenges.

2023 comes with:

New sales technologies – evolving tools imply both the merchants and buyers are learning something new to keep up with the latest tools.

Savvier clients – market competition and access to information make the public more deal-conscious and price-sensitive.

Multi-channel sales – managing the sales process over several channels (website, social media channels, catalogues, physical stores) demands time and energy.

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Social media power – social media governs the sales process, and it’s an effective tool for reaching large audiences. At the same time, it requires extensive attention and monitoring.

Focus on net margin and cost of sales – businesses deal with increased budget scrutiny, and sales executives prioritise lowering acquisition and optimising ROI.

These challenges require adequate solutions, and here are some recommendations that might help you increase sales in 2023.


Sell to your public’s pains, not your gains

Often sales representatives are criticised for putting first data and messaging over prospect-by-prospect interaction. 70% of buyers make purchasing decisions based on their needs, so sales teams should try to resolve the barriers that prevent their prospects from picking their business.

A salesperson can bring value to their interaction with the public by resolving their pain points. Generic industry challenges define a seller’s value proposition, but the average prospect pain is subjective, contextual, and layered. Therefore, no single, general message can solve each individual need.

It’s paramount for sales experts to understand their prospects’ individual needs before trying to engage them. If you’re looking for ways to boost sales in 2023, encourage your sales team to look holistically at your prospects in the pipeline, customise the message, and present a pain-free solution. When developing customised sales techniques, rely on intent data that provides in-depth insights into your ideal client’s challenges, needs, and behaviours. This way, you’re able to develop more meaningful sales conversions, gain knowledge about an individual prospect, and customise outreach efforts.

Purpose is a beacon for growth

Numerous organisations are trying to redefine their goals beyond making a profit, meaning they focus on a higher purpose, like fighting inequality or solving environmental issues, to resonate with their target public. The Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that 50% of responders think companies must address more societal problems like workforce reskilling, economic inequality, or climate change. A survey shows that people under 25 years old use sustainability as a primary factor when buying beauty and personal care products. Also, 57% of buyers highlighted that their loyalty to brands is fostered by the companies’ commitment to dealing with social inequalities.

Leverage sales and marketing keynote speaking

Collaborating with a sales keynote speaker is crucial to boost retail sales because the specialist is your most solid ally in sales and marketing. Keynote speaking can be valuable for your brand when hiring the right expert. It’s crucial because it defines how your sales team communicates with your audience and can impact your reputation. Nowadays, how you use keynote speaking depends on your needs and most specialists work closely with the marketing and sales teams to identify the tools and strategies that enable them to get through a crisis.

When hiring a sales and marketing speaker, consider your goals, theme, and budget to find a specialist that fits your needs.

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Focus on online marketing

Now that 2023 is here, and you’re looking for ways to grow your sales and make your existence in the marketplace known to more prospects, it’s paramount to sharpen your online presence because it can send a clear message to your public. The right online marketing strategies can help you perform well in the sector because they make you more visible to the public.

Your marketing team should commit more time and effort to deliver content that relates to and speaks to your target client. Establishing trust with your customers should be your primary goal, and social media can help you achieve it because it enables you to share valuable educational content. It would help if you also employed online marketing tools like SEM and SEO as they improve your website’s reliability and visibility online.

Present your product effectively

Effective product presentation is crucial for increasing conversion rates. Here are the points your marketing and sales teams should focus on to achieve this aim.

The right price. Determine how much it costs to produce and sell your product and compare its value with your competitors’ prices. Establish a fair price that motivates the prospects to choose your brand instead of your competitors.

Competitive advantage. You’re running a business in a world of competition, so it’s essential to explain to the public why your service or product is better than others. It implies researching your competitors.

Clear messaging. Share your product’s benefits across all channels to let the public know how your company can serve them.

Use multiple channels to market content. You have access to multiple channels to promote your brand, so use as many as possible to reach more clients. Showcase your product’s benefits in blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, and social media to boost sales. The secret to building a customer pipeline is to maintain a share of voice.

Final words

2023 can be memorable for businesses, regardless of their rector. However, they need to provide the public with a top-tier experience to increase sales and remain competitive on the market.



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