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“Monogamy Is Not Our Culture!” – Kanayo O. Kanayo Sparks Debate on Marriage and Tradition

'Why I don't believe in monogamy' - Kanayo O Kanayo

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, known for his commanding presence both on and off-screen, has ignited a fiery debate about marriage and cultural identity. In a recent appearance on the popular podcast, ‘The Honest Bunch,’ the actor shared his personal views on monogamy, stating his belief that it doesn’t align with traditional African values.

Kanayo, who hails from the Igbo tribe in southeastern Nigeria, argued passionately that monogamy is a foreign concept imposed upon African societies. “I don’t believe in one wife,” he declared, “It is not our culture. It is not our tradition. It is not who we are. These are imported things.”

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His statement challenges the increasing prevalence of monogamous relationships in contemporary African societies, particularly in urban areas. Kanayo attributes this shift to external influences, suggesting that traditional African cultures historically embraced polygamy as the norm.

Further emphasizing his point, the actor shared a personal anecdote about his upbringing. Having spent his formative years in southeastern Nigeria before moving to the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Kanayo revealed that the concept of divorce was entirely foreign to him. “I never knew anything about divorce until we came to Lagos,” he confessed. “The Igbo man prefers to die in the marriage than divorcing.”

His statement highlights a stark cultural contrast between rural and urban life in Nigeria, and perhaps, reflects a broader trend across the continent. While divorce rates are on the rise in many African countries, fueled by factors such as urbanization, economic empowerment of women, and changing social values, marriage, particularly within traditional communities, is often viewed as a sacred, lifelong commitment.

Kanayo’s own marital status adds an intriguing layer to the conversation. The actor is publicly known to be married to one wife, Nneka Onyekwere. This apparent contradiction between his personal life and his publicly expressed views has only served to further fuel the ongoing debate sparked by his comments.

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The actor’s statement has resonated across social media, with many Nigerians weighing in on the issue. Some have praised Kanayo for his boldness in addressing a sensitive topic and for advocating for the preservation of African traditions. Others have criticized his stance as outdated and argued that cultural practices should evolve with the times.

This isn’t the first time a prominent figure has ignited a public discussion about marriage and cultural identity in Nigeria. The conversation is ongoing, reflecting the complex and evolving nature of relationships, tradition, and modernity in Africa.



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