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Mary Trump Warns Uncle Donald

Mary Trump is warning that her uncle “will use any opportunity to incite more violence” amid apparently looming criminal indictments against him.

MSNBC host Katie Phang and Mary Trump agreed that the next major problem for the former president will likely be out of Georgia following a special grand jury investigation of Trump’s demand that state officials suddenly “find” enough votes for him to overturn the 2020 election and beat Joe Biden.

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“I have my dark days where I am not entirely sure that indictments are going to come,” Mary Trump told Phang in an interview Sunday. “But if indeed they do — and I agree with you, the first one probably would come out of Georgia — hopefully, many more shoes will drop.”

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But Trump warned that “in the meantime, we are … sort of in this state of suspended animation, and more and more people are continuing to be fooled by outlets like Fox [News], and think that something’s been stolen from them Donald, of course, will use any opportunity to incite more violence if he thinks it suits him, so we are not out of the woods yet,” she said.

“We still need to be prepared for all eventualities,” she added.



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