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dirty makeup brushes

Just some snapshots of life right meow!

I’m weeks behind on brush washing. No, seriously. WEEKS. ?

My happy baby first thing in the morning.

my happy girl in the morning

The best big kitty brother a girl could ask for!

lil sis and big bro

I bought these strawberries at TJ’s and DAYUM. They’re quite possibly the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten! ???

driscolls organic strawberries

Speaking of fruit, I like it when you get a piece from the store and there’s a leaf still attached to the stem.

pear leaf

I spend 75% of my day with these weird clips in my hair.

karen clips

The rest of the time is spent with this stuffed cat in a stroller. LOL!

stroller cat

I got the new Nylon in the mail the other day, and this pic of Debbie Harry on the cover is everything. She’s wearing metallic shadow. YES!

nylon debbie harry

I’m always taking pictures of pictures, it seems.

pictures of pictures

All about that hat life…

karen and connor hats

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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