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Lawal Criticizes NFF’s Decision to Hire Foreign Technical Adviser for Super Eagles

Lawal faults NFF's decision to hire foreign technical adviser for Super Eagles

In a move that has sparked widespread debate, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) recently announced its decision to hire a foreign technical adviser for the Super Eagles. This decision comes on the heels of the team’s disappointing performance in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, where they managed to secure only one point from two crucial matches against South Africa and Benin Republic.

The Super Eagles’ recent form has been a cause for concern, as they drew 1-1 with South Africa’s Bafana Bafana and suffered a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Benin Republic’s Squirrels. These results have left the West African giants languishing in fifth place in Group C, with a meager three points from four games.

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The NFF’s decision to bring in a foreign technical adviser has not been without controversy. Former international, Dimeji Lawal, has been particularly vocal in his criticism of the move. Speaking to Complete Sports, Lawal questioned the logic behind hiring a foreign coach while the current handler, Finidi George, is still under contract.

“How will you tell a coach that you have already contracted to learn from another coach? Why can’t we wait for him to finish his contract before taking such a step,” Lawal remarked. “You gave somebody a contract; he has only played two games, and you want to employ somebody else.”

Lawal’s comments have resonated with many fans and pundits who are concerned about the implications of this decision. There is a growing sentiment that the NFF’s move undermines the confidence and authority of local coaches, and sends a message that they are not capable of leading the national team to success.

The decision to demote Finidi George to the position of an assistant coach once a foreign adviser is employed has also been met with criticism. Many believe that this could have a negative impact on team morale and cohesion. George, a former Super Eagles player himself, has a wealth of experience and has been seen as a promising coach who could potentially lead the team to greater heights.

The NFF, however, seems determined to bring in foreign expertise in a bid to turn around the team’s fortunes. This is not the first time the federation has looked outside the country for coaching talent. In the past, foreign coaches like Clemens Westerhof and Jo Bonfrere have led the Super Eagles to significant successes, including the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations victory and the 1996 Olympic gold medal.

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Despite these past successes, the question remains whether hiring a foreign technical adviser is the right move at this juncture. The Super Eagles’ struggles in the World Cup qualifiers have been attributed to a variety of factors, including tactical inefficiencies, player selection issues, and a lack of cohesion on the pitch. Critics argue that these are problems that could be addressed by giving local coaches more time and support to implement their strategies.

Furthermore, the financial implications of hiring a foreign coach cannot be ignored. The NFF has faced financial challenges in recent years, and the cost of employing a high-profile foreign coach could strain the federation’s resources. This raises questions about the sustainability of such a decision in the long term.

Supporters of the NFF’s decision, however, argue that the team needs a fresh perspective and that a foreign coach could bring new ideas and a different approach to the game. They point to the success of foreign coaches in other African nations, such as Herve Renard, who led Zambia and Ivory Coast to Africa Cup of Nations titles.

As the debate continues, the Super Eagles’ immediate focus will be on their upcoming qualifiers, where they will need to secure positive results to keep their World Cup hopes alive. The pressure will be on both the players and the coaching staff to deliver, regardless of who is at the helm.

In the meantime, the NFF will need to carefully consider the long-term implications of their decision. Balancing the need for immediate results with the development of local coaching talent will be crucial in determining the future trajectory of Nigerian football.

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The coming weeks will be critical for the Super Eagles, and fans will be watching closely to see how the situation unfolds. Whether the NFF’s decision to hire a foreign technical adviser will pay off remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the passion and dedication of Nigerian football fans will continue to be a driving force behind the team’s pursuit of success.



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