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Insecurity Will Continue In Nigeria – Wike

A lecture delivered at the National Institute for Security Studies (NISS) in Abuja on Wednesday by the governor, who stated that insecurity will continue as long as some elite in the country insist on marginalizing other zones.


Wike also asserted that the federal government has failed to provide “responsible governance” for the state of Nigeria.

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This was the topic of the lecture, which was titled “Governance, Security and Sustainable Development in Africa: Nexus, Challenges, and Prospects: Rivers State as a Metaphor.”

The lecture was intended for participants in the Executive Intelligence Management Course (EIMC 14), who are nearing the end of their studies at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NISS), in preparation for the award of the Fellow of the Security Institute designation (FSI).

“A responsive government that will provide all of these cannot be said to exist in the form that we currently have.” What we’re hearing is excuse number one and excuse number two. It’s a terrible situation. As a result, if you don’t have responsive governance, you won’t be able to achieve environmental long-term sustainability. Because it necessitates effective governance.


“A sense of social justice and equity is essential for achieving peace, security, and sustainable development, which can only be achieved through good governance.”

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In the absence of strong leadership, it is impossible to achieve this. Furthermore, when there is a lack of good governance, it is impossible to talk about sustainable development. It’s virtually impossible to do so.

The practice of good governance, led by visionary, effective, and transformational leadership, as a necessary precondition for effective democracy, the rule of law and sustainable development as well as the improvement of the living conditions of ordinary people, stands out among other structural and infrastructural variables as being particularly relevant to society’s progress.”

“Unfortunately, poor governance and a dysfunctional leadership model continue to characterize Africa‘s political, economic, security, and social landscapes,” says the author.

“I’m sorry, but people seem to forget… When people say that zoning is unconstitutional, you know what they are talking about when they say equity. Peace is brought about by equity. Allow everyone to be a part of it.”

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“However, the moment you begin to believe that this is your own exclusivity, that no one else has access to it, then it becomes a crisis,” he continued. As soon as you begin to see some people and deny them certain things, you will experience feelings of insecurity.

“In addition, insecurity makes it impossible to achieve sustainable development. Take, for example, when the Igbos are crying out to say, “Look, in appointment, you don’t recognize us,” what’s wrong with paying attention to what they have to say.


In the end, what’s wrong with taking a step back and saying, ‘Look, we’re all in it together; we want this country to come together so that we can achieve sustainable development?’

For the simple reason that, if you don’t include them, some of them will begin to believe that they aren’t considered part of the system.

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Wike referred to statements made by President Muhammadu Buhari at the start of his administration, saying, “Now, take for example, with all due respect, when Mr. President said ninety-something percent of whatever will go to only those who voted for him, that alone will cause a crisis.”

“That does not constitute good governance.” “I will only remember those who voted for you,” says a President of a country, and I don’t expect him to say that. That does not exemplify democracy.”

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