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How To Get Bigger Buttocks Fast? Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks Must Ready

Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks

How To Get A Bigger Butt Fast? Exercise, Food, and Useful Tips

To get bigger, rounder, and Bigger Buttocks, you need to refine your glute muscles and hip fat. Exercising, eating the right foods, and improving your lifestyle can certainly help.

 10 Best Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks 

Serious question: Does doing bigger-butt exercises actually work? Can you achieve the much sought-after “bubble butt?”

If you’re looking for a bigger butt and want to lift, tone, and define the shape of your butt without doing surgery or using butt enlargement cream, then you need to be sure you’re doing the right exercises. Just as a bodybuilder can increase their body size by increasing their muscle size, you can get a bigger butt by focusing on weight-bearing exercises that increase in intensity and load.

Are you ready to add some mass to your backside? You can perform the following butt-boosting exercises in one workout. Start slowly with just one set of each exercise. As the exercises get easier to do, you can work up to two or three sets of each.

We have listed some of the best exercises for glutes, including moves to tighten the buttocks and thighs and exercises to augment them.

  1. Squats

 These exercises can almost double your glutes’ contribution as you return to a standing position. If you have any issues with your knees, ankles, and hips or struggle with balance, consult a physical therapist before trying squats.


How to do this exercise

  1. Stand in a squat position with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing out.
  2. Lower your body and then push your hips out until your thighs are parallel to your knees like in a “sitting” posture. Propel yourself up and off the ground. Try to push your feet at least 3 inches off the ground.
  1. Hold this pose for a moment and propel yourself up and off the ground. Try to push your feet at least 3 inches off the ground.
  2. Repeat these 15 times to complete a set. Complete 3 sets of 15 repetitions with 10 seconds of break between the sets.

2.  Weighted Lunges

Weighted lunges are an excellent exercise for building and toning the glute muscles while also targeting the quadriceps and improving your balance.


Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks 
Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks 

How to do this exercise

  1. Stand straight with feet hip-width apart, holding a weight in each hand.
  2. Keeping your weight on your left leg, step right foot back behind on a diagonal until you end in a lunge.
  3. Get back up to the starting position by pushing through your left heel.
  4. Repeat with the opposite leg.
  5. Repeat the set 10 times.

3.  Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks target your glutes in a way many other exercises can’t. They focus solely on all three of your glute muscles and are a great move to target and firm your rear end. With correct form, the donkey kick is a highly effective isolation exercise for your glutes.

Exercises to Get Bigger Buttocks

How to do this exercise

  1. Position yourself on all fours. Your knees hip should be width apart, hands under your shoulders, neck, and spine neutral.
  2. Brace your core and lift your right leg off the floor while your knee stays bent and your foot flat. Do this 10 times before switching legs.
  3. Return to the starting position.
  4. Complete 20 repetitions on each leg for 4-5 sets

4. Side Lunges

 Besides working your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, aside or lateral lunge also works your inner thigh muscles.

bigger butt

How to do this exercise

  1. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart.
  1. Look straight and take a wide step out to the right. Bend your right knee as you push your hips back. Keep your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Get back up with your right leg and return to standing. This completes one rep.
  3. Do this 10 times on the right side to complete a set before switching to the left.
  4. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.
  1. Banded Side Step

The banded side step exercise targets your glutes as well as your hip muscles. For a better result on your glutes, perform banded side steps with another lower body exercise like squats or lunges.

To start, you may want to place the resistance band just below your knees. As the exercise becomes easier, you can move the band down lower toward your ankles.


How to do this exercise

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Place a resistance band below your knees or around your ankles and keep it flat. Bend your knees and lower your booty about a quarter of the way.
  3. Bend your knees slightly and move into a half-squat position to activate the gluteus medius.
  4. Step to the right with your right foot, letting the tension come off the band, and then return to the center.
  5. Slowly shift your weight and switch legs. Do another 8 to 10 side steps.

Foods to Eat To Get a Bigger Butt

If your goal is to get a bigger bum, doing the best butt workouts is just part of the equation. You also have to pair your regular exercise with a healthy diet full of glute-growing foods is one of the most effective strategies to help maximize results.

Healthy, fast-burning carbohydrates consumed before your butt workout will keep your energy consistent. Just as important is your post-workout protein intake, which the body needs for muscle growth and repair.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is one of the best sources of proteins that can help you get a healthy-looking butt that’s well-toned and rounded.   Salmon is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which give numerous health benefits. Some research suggests that omega-3 fats reduce inflammation, which may expedite muscle recovery and growth.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious with riboflavin, vitamin B12, selenium, and phosphorus. Vitamin B from eggs helps your body produce energy from your diet. Leucine, an amino acid found in eggs, stimulate muscle synthesis and reduce muscle protein breakdown, thus playing a huge role in getting a lifted butt.

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  1. Legumes

Legumes are a family of plants that include beans, lentils, peas, and peanuts. The high protein content in legumes can maximize muscle synthesis and boost your glutes’ growth (butt). Legumes are likewise a good source of micronutrients like magnesium, involved in energy production and muscle contraction.

  1. Avocadoes

The fruit is rich in healthy fats, protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. if you want a bigger butt, it’s one of the most important fruit to include in your diet. Avocadoes are also rich in antioxidants that reduce muscle damage caused by exercises.

  1. Milk

Milk contains a high percentage of protein, which is essential for gluteal muscle growth. Studies show that drinking milk after working out helps increase your body’s efficiency in using amino acids to support protein synthesis, which is especially important when it comes to growing your butt.

Remember that your diet plays a huge role in gaining muscles and increasing your buttocks size. However, since these foods can’t have a great effect on their own, you have to include regular glute exercises in your day to day life.

  1. It’s All A Mirage

Wear clothes that make your buttocks look bigger. You can wear high-waisted jeans/shorts/formal pants, balloon skirts or dresses, denim short skirts, silk gowns, etc.

  1. Use Butt Enhancing Pads

Although exercises and a change in diet can help boost the shape and tone of your butt, you won’t see results right away.

If you want a bigger, rounder, firmer butt right away, the butt enhancing pad works best. You can get shapewear or butt enhancement pad from stores. These are designed specifically to boost your buttocks’ appearance in a pair of jeans or pants.

  1. Cinch your Waistline

Making your waist smaller (through exercise or tummy belt) will make your butt more prominent. This will trick people into thinking that you have a big butt by simply cinching your waist. The best trick is wearing a tummy belt.

  1. Use Butt Enhancing Creams

If shapewear and glute exercises aren’t giving you a quicker result, you can turn to butt enhancement creams or implants to add volume and shape to your butt.

butt implant is a surgical procedure that involves a doctor placing a silicone implant in the buttocks to add volume to the butt.

 The Bottom Line

As we all know, most body parts, including the butt, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are naturally larger or curvier than others.

If your backside is on the smaller side and you want to make it bigger, there are ways to go about this. If you want immediate results, shapewear can help give your bum an instant lift. A costlier but more permanent solution involves butt implants or lifts.  However, different butt enhancement exercises and a proper diet can provide lasting results without spending too much and having any side effects. So, make a wise decision.



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