Turns out there’s more to a quick tug than just blowing off some steam. After recording the sexual habits of over 32,000 men, scientists (professionally trained ones, not Pornhub employees) found that regular ejaculation has numerous health benefits. According to the experts, there’s even a recommended monthly total for getting yourself off.

For men in healthy relationships, normal sex might be all the tonic you need. But if you’re not getting it regularly, Madam Palm and her five lovely daughters could well be the best guardians of your prostate gland.

In the research at Harvard University, men with high levels of sexual activity were found to be less likely to develop prostate tumours – a disorder that’s increasingly common in men over 50, and the third biggest cancer in American males. Scientists believe that ejaculation helps to flush toxins out of your body.

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Now, we’re not saying that masturbation is a miracle worker alone – diet and exercise are also important factors – but a frequent fiddle could reduce the risk by as much as 33%. Which, all things considered, is a huge amount.

And as for your new monthly target? Twenty-one, fellas. Better get cracking.


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