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For Guys If you’re thinking of proposing on Valentine’s day, this is for you


For Guys If you’re thinking of proposing on Valentine’s day, this is for you

If you’re thinking of proposing on Valentine’s, this is for you.

For many, Valentine’s over-the-top romantic feel makes it perfect for proposals.

Proposals are often about romance, sweet memories and promises filled with hope of lifetime commitments. And which day perfectly exemplifies this if not Valentine’s?

So it feels just right, in the estimation of many guys, to get down on their knees, extend a ring to the special one and sow that seed of commitment February 14.

But no.

Valentine’s is not the best time for you to propose and you might want to take a step back and consider your options a lot more closely.

Don’t propose on Valentine’s day

“Why not?” you ask aloud.

Marriage proposals are primarily about thoughtfulness. Attention to details and sensitivity to your partner’s desire is the major key here.

All the dreaminess of a candle-lit dinner at a fancy restaurant won’t amount to much if  her most treasured wish is to be proposed to in the most private of settings – like being proposed to when it’s just you and her.

Like we already said in a previous article, a wedding proposals is not for the person making it; it is she [or he] to whom the proposal is being made that truly counts.

You don’t have to propose on Valentine’s day. It’s a trope you don’t want to unneccesarily tie such beautiful memory to.

There’s another way

As opposed to Valentine’s day that’s a day of love for all and sundry, think about important days that are specifically monumental in your relationship with your boo.

It shows that an amount of thought has been put into it, and not just some lazy cliché affair.

Significant dates include first dates, first kiss, first day you saw her, first time you spoke, or any other day that means a lot to your relationship. Mind you, it’s not just the significance in date that counts. Significance in days of the week also works.

If she has a bad memory attached to Thursdays for example, you might want to think twice before doing do it on a Thursday.

Remember, it’s all about thoughtfulness.

If you must propose on Valentine’s day…

Of course, Valentine’s day proposals can’t be completely invalidated just because they’re common. Romance is still alive on the day and if you must exploit the magic of the night, you’re absolutely welcome to!

Ensure to add a romantic, personal touch to whatever you do. So she’ll know you out some thought into the proposal.

It could be something as simple as reminiscing on a memorable day in your relationship or in her life. Or making sure her fav colour, favourite song, etc is included in the plan.

Last but not least, never confuse expensive moves for thoughtful, romantic moves. If it’s expensive, better make it thoughtful, too. It’s most valued that way.



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