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Governor of Ebonyi State Begs Former PDP Gubernatorial Candidate to Join APC


In a surprising turn of events, Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State has extended an invitation to Senator Obinna Ogba, the former gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), urging him to join the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). The plea was made during the commissioning of LEGACY FM and Television, a media establishment built by Senator Ogba, who previously represented Ebonyi Central senatorial zone in the 8th and 9th National Assembly.

Addressing the stakeholders of the State, Governor Nwifuru expressed his hope that Senator Ogba would announce his decision to join the APC during his speech at the launch. The Governor emphasized the significance of this move, stating, “When you see a good product, go for it. Ogba is a good product for APC, and as a leader of the Party, I go for it. Whoever is close to Ogba and advises him against joining us should have a rethink.”

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Governor Nwifuru also extended his invitation to other prominent figures, including former deputy speaker of the State House of Assembly, Obasi Odefa, as well as Oliver Osi and Ali Okechukwu, urging them to join the APC. The Governor’s appeal was met with applause from the audience, who recognized the potential benefits of these political alliances.

During his speech, Governor Nwifuru commended Senator Ogba for his immense support and contributions during the 2023 general election, which played a crucial role in Nwifuru’s victory and subsequent emergence as the governor of Ebonyi State. The Governor acknowledged the power of unity and collaboration in achieving political success, and he sees Senator Ogba as a valuable asset to the APC.

In response to the Governor’s invitation, Senator Ogba expressed his gratitude for Nwifuru’s presence at the commissioning of LEGACY FM and Television. He acknowledged the Governor’s efforts to persuade him to join the APC, describing it as a common practice in politics. Senator Ogba noted, “The wooing to join APC is a story for another day. He is lobbying me to come, and that’s part of politics. In politics, you lobby, and it is the legislators’ duty to lobby, and he was a speaker for eight years.”

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This unexpected development has sparked intrigue and speculation among political observers in Ebonyi State. The potential defection of Senator Ogba, a prominent figure in the PDP, to the APC could significantly impact the political landscape in the state. As a former gubernatorial candidate and experienced legislator, his decision carries weight and may influence the decisions of other politicians considering their political affiliations.

The Governor’s invitation to Senator Ogba and other influential individuals highlights the ongoing efforts of the APC to expand its influence and strengthen its position in Ebonyi State. By attracting notable figures from rival parties, the APC aims to consolidate its power and gain a competitive advantage in future elections.

This development also raises questions about the strategies employed by political parties to secure the support of influential individuals. Lobbying and persuasion play a crucial role in politics, and the Governor’s efforts to woo Senator Ogba exemplify the lengths to which politicians go to gain support and strengthen their parties.

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As the political landscape in Ebonyi State continues to evolve, the decision of Senator Ogba and other key figures will undoubtedly shape the future of the APC and the PDP in the state. The outcome of these deliberations will have far-reaching implications for the political dynamics and power balance in Ebonyi State.

Governor Nwifuru’s plea to Senator Ogba and other influential individuals to join the APC marks a significant development in Ebonyi State’s political landscape. The Governor’s invitation, made during the commissioning of LEGACY FM and Television, underscores the importance of political alliances and the strategies employed by parties to gain support. As Senator Ogba considers his options, the implications of his decision will reverberate throughout the state and potentially reshape the political landscape for years to come.



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