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From Hollywood to Space: The Unconventional Rise of Bridgit Mendler as a Space Startup CEO

How Bridgit Mendler Ended Up Becoming A Space Startup CEO

Bridgit Mendler’s journey to becoming a space startup CEO is far from conventional. While most tech executives have backgrounds in engineering or computer science, Mendler took a different path by majoring in anthropology. In a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the former actor revealed that her college application process was a bit of a mix-up, leading her to unintentionally land in the anthropology department. “I think I didn’t really understand how it worked,” she confessed. “I put down like five different things that I would potentially want to major in, and I got my acceptance letter, and it’s like, ‘You’re in anthropology.'”

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Despite the initial confusion, Mendler found her unexpected major to be a blessing in disguise. It allowed her to explore subjects she never would have considered otherwise. “It’s just been a really nice little educational stew,” she shared with Vice. She developed a particular interest in medieval history and architecture, finding them both “interesting” and influential in shaping the purpose of buildings.

Mendler’s passion for creating and innovating ultimately led her to the space sector. In a post for the MIT Center for Constructive Communication, she discussed her journey at MIT Media Lab, where she worked on developing a tool to analyze online information and extract meaningful patterns. This experience laid the foundation for her current venture as a space startup CEO. In an interview with CNBC, Mendler explained that her startup is focused on simplifying the process of sending data to and from space. It’s a significant leap from her days in Hollywood, showcasing her evolution into a visionary leader in the space industry.

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With her unique background and innovative mindset, Mendler is poised to make a lasting impact in the space sector. Her unconventional path serves as a reminder that success can come from unexpected places. As she continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, Mendler’s cosmic glow-up is just beginning.

how bridgit mendler ended up becoming a space startup ceo



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