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Four Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer


The childhood cancer index is growing day by day. In the 20th century, people heard of cancer patients in a blue moon. But in recent decades, it has become a common occurrence. Even newborns come into this world bearing the ticking time bomb in their bodies. The increasing quotient is alarming.

Every year almost 1 in 200 children develop cancer before turning 19. Childhood cancers dominate worldwide, just like the online casinos with the highest payouts. Although casinos bring your fortune, it is the complete opposite for cancer. 

Research shows the most common type of cancer in kids is leukemia. It is a blood born cancer emerging from bone marrow or blood. Most of the time, doctors can’t pinpoint the exact cause of childhood cancers if there is no family history. 

Let’s go through some signs and symptoms that you need to pay attention to, according to WHO:

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Severe Headaches

Early cancer symptoms can be hard to detect at younger ages as they usually resemble the signs of common illnesses. But headaches are sporadic in children. Frequent headaches indicate something fishy. Sometimes these headaches are also accompanied by vomiting.

If your child is experiencing such symptoms, it is a cue to drive them to the doctor for a complete checkup.

Unexplained weight loss

Cancer is a group of undifferentiated cells that receive energy from your body and disrupts the normal functioning of your organs. Such harmful cells consume more power than healthy cells; thus, your body loses more calories when fighting cancer.

The use of calories by cancer cells and the body leads to decreased body mass. Weight loss is not only common in children but all types of cancer. If your child is eating enough but still losing pounds, Don’t delay an appointment with your child’s healthcare provider.

Bone & Joint Pain

Since leukemia is the most common cancer in children, bone or joint pain can indicate such cancer. Leukemia is closely related to blood and bone marrow; thus, overflooding of cancer cells in the bone marrow leads to sudden bone & joint pains.

Besides leukemia, specific bone or metastasized cancers can also lead to bone pains. Such pains are daunting; you must take your child for cancer screening.

Unexplained fever

Persistent or recurring fevers can also indicate cancer. But it will help if you are precise about them. Children tend to fall ill quite often than other ages because their immune system is weak. But the undying fever that does not go away for days even after regular treatment is concerning.

So, don’t hesitate; you can always go back to your online blackjack but fixing a health provider’s appointment for your child is the need of the hour.

Necessary Actions To Be Taken:

We all want to steer clear of any disease. And a complete medical checkup after every three years is necessary for people younger than 30. But as the risks increase in the later stages of life, you should pick up to 1 checkup per year. 

But this is not the cancer case. You need cancer screening at all ages to grab any abnormality before it grows. Let me tell you the actions you should take for the better health of your child:

Child patient with bear
A beautiful little girl smiles as she holds her teddy bear like a baby. Her doctor is facing her. She is battling cancer.

Diagnose on Time

A timely diagnosis is crucial in tackling any disease before it grows out of hand. 

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Access & Complete treatment

If your child is unfortunately diagnosed with cancer, follow the treatment guidelines and don’t drop it halfway.

Monitor For Relapse

A childhood Cancer diagnosis at early stages can guarantee complete eradication of the anomaly. But most of the time you can have a relapse of cancer. So it is better to track your child’s health even after complete resolution.

The Bottom Line

You must be aware of some of the common early signs and symptoms of cancers in children. If such signs appear for two consecutive weeks or more, consult your physician immediately. Although it can’t prevent your lovely kid from cancer, you can eradicate the risks and aim for a complete recovery.



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