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Fibocom to launch the leading-edge 5G


fibocom to launch the leading edge 5g sub 6ghz and mmwave module fx190 fx180 series based on snapdragon x75 and x72 5g modem rf system at mwc barcelona 2023Fibocom Wireless Inc. to announce the launch of the leading-edge 5G Sub-6GHz and mmWave module Fx190(W)/Fx180(W) series at MWC Barcelona 2023. Adopting multiple innovations from the world’s first 5G Advanced-ready modem-RF system, Snapdragon X75, and X72, the modules are set to bring outstanding cellular performance to mass data transmission applications such as mobile broadband, FWA, enterprise 5G, and IIoT.

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Equipped with Qualcomm 5G AI Processor Gen 2, Snapdragon X75 is the world’s first modem-RF system with a dedicated AI tensor accelerator. With 2.5X improved AI performance over Gen 1, allowing modules to significantly improve the 5G cellular capabilities with ultra-fast speed performance, extended network coverage, and spectrum utilization. Powered by Snapdragon X75 and X72, and a quad-core A55 CPU, Fibocom Fx190/Fx180 series provides a superior 5G experience especially for FWA applications, offering optimized power consumption and multiple Wi-Fi 7 selections, furtherly reducing the time to market.

Compliant with 3GPP Release 17 standard, Fibocom FG190(W)/FM190(W) module series are adopting LGA and M.2 form factors into module design, efficiently driving the flexibility and scalability in various IoT terminal devices. By leveraging the spectrum resources for a broader reach of faster speeds, the module series support Sub-6 GHz and mmWave dual-connectivity, as well as NR 10CA with up to 1000MHz bandwidth in the mmWave frequency band, significantly boosting the maximum downlink speed of up to 10Gbps.

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In addition to the Fx190 series, Fibocom launches the FG180(W)/FM180(W) series based on the Snapdragon X72, which supports up to 400MHz bandwidth of NR 4CA under mm-wave bands, and 200MHz bandwidth of NR 3CA under Sub-6GHz, the maximum downlink rate under the aggregation of the two can reach 4.4Gbps. The Fx180 series is optimized for the FWA market and supports multi-gigabit uplink and downlink rates.

It is worth noting that FM190/FM180 series are M.2 standard and pin compatible with Fibocom FM170/FM160/FM150 5G module series. However, FG190(W)/FG180(W) series are designed to provide an Open CPU solution with rich interfaces such as PCIe, Ethernet, USXGMII, UART, I2S, USB 3.1, and UIM. Featuring on the fast-growing 5G FWA market, FG190(W)/FG180(W) series offers a comprehensive module solution in combination with the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology, including Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 for CPE (BE19000) and Dual-band Wi-Fi 7 for MiFi (BE5800). Benefiting from the Wi-Fi 7 capabilities such as 160MHz/320MHz bandwidth, 6GHz frequency band, 4096QAM, as well as Multi-Link Operation (MLO), ensuring the Wi-Fi network coverage and better speed experience in the home, enterprise, and manufacturing plants. It is worth noting that the FG190/FG180 series also supports wired network deployment, allowing maximum 10Gb Ethernet, satisfying different

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application requirements. Fibocom Fx190/Fx180 series also supports a variety of global operating systems, including OpenWRT and RDK-B, to further help customers reduce time to the market.



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