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€45 million move from Rodrygo to Arsenal – Transfer Breakdown, fit and Analysis

Rodrygo to Arsenal – Transfer Breakdown, fit and Analysis

After making a €45 million move from the Brazilian giants Santos to Real Madrid, Rodrygo scored a debut goal within a minute during his La Liga debut and completed a perfect hat-trick on his Champions League debut against Galatasaray. It was evident from the start that he would become one of the hottest prospects in Europe, with silverware, sleekness, and talent running through his blood.

Living up to Madrid’s high standards, he demonstrated his ‘clutch’ gene early on. He delivered one of the most remarkable comebacks in Champions League history against Manchester City in the semi-finals, ultimately leading to Real Madrid winning their 14th UCL title.

The expected arrival of Kylian Mbappe and Endrick dawning the historic white kit for Real Madrid in the 2024/25 season might pose questions about Rodyrgo’s accommodation in the near future. If that’s the case and Madrid would want to offload the Brazilian, Arsenal could be an interesting option to consider for the Galantico.

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“Rodrygo is not a specialist of a position but of attacking football,” ~ Ancelotti.

Let’s delve straight into why this statement revolves around overall gameplay!

Firstly, let’s look at his player profile:

Rodrygo – Player Profile

Age: 23
Club: Real Madrid
Position: LW/CF/RW
Foot: Right
Nationality: Brazilian
Value: €100M
Height: 5’9
Avg SofaScore rating: 7.25


Strengths: Passing, Spatial Awareness, Separation movements, Creativity, Versatility, Work rate, Dribbling
Weaknesses: Consistency, Shooting accuracy

Rodrygo has been conceptualizing ‘separation movements’ in modern-day football. Almost never confined to one single position. His raumdeuter movements across the frontline allow him to maintain a swift structure up front and make it difficult for opponents to read him. Channel running behind the defenders backs and dribbling through tight spaces are Rodrygo’s bread and butter.

It’s his understanding of situations around him that allows Rodrygo to make cheeky movements from his marker. This relationship he builds on the pitch with teammates helps him explore different parts of the pitch. He thrives all across the front line, creating combinations and relationships with teammates.


Redefining the role of an ‘inside attacker’ by prioritizing positions closer to the goal. Rodrygo has played CF for the majority of his spell at Madrid, but he nevertheless also plays the RW role, where he underlaps and overlaps on the channel, making effective movements according to game mechanics.


He flaunts his mastery with the ball at his feet. Quick feet, composed body language, and dribbling help him get through tight spaces. Very good at retaining possession under pressure.

The versatile 23-year-old finds his prowess anywhere across the front four. Comfortable to play on both wings, negotiating his way through any type of angle bias and preferred foot. The best output is on the left, as he likes to cut in and has many options on his plate. Makes uncanny runs in central spaces floating from the wider areas, stretches the pitch, and attracts his marker.

Rodrygo’s threat in the final third standouts in La Liga. 2.26 successful dribbling rate and 8.37 touches in the opposition box per 90 speak of how good his output is near goal and how easy it is to move into pockets of space. His body type allows him to maintain a low center of gravity, which helps him change directions and make quick turns in the opposite box.

He prefers shooting from a distance when he gets the opportunity. Always tries for the most effective and original way of finding the back of the net, which sometimes compromises his finishing ability and makes him look casual in doing it often.

Apart from his knack for finding the back of the net, his craftsmanship and ability to find his teammates make him a complete package. He carries the ball really well, uses his pace superbly to create shot-creating action, and waits for an underlapping run to pick out the right pass.

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Plays football the Los Blancos way: quick one-touch passing > risk-taking in orchestrating play. Quick scans, creative ability, and accuracy in passing mean he’s yielding volumes at Madrid.

Defensively imposes himself even though he’s meant to be leading the line. Offensively, he uses his body well in crowded areas to block off defensive pressure while also having the perfect balance and work rate that compliment the overall functioning of a team. His ever-present pressing routine and run back to help the midfield broadly categorize him as a team player.

Although Rodrygo doesn’t have the most ideal height a striker would want, at 5’9, his on-the-ball abilities and agility separate him from the very best at his age. He dances his way through small spaces, deceiving the opponents with body feints and quick changes of pace. Not the fastest of players, but he leaps forward with the ball at his feat.

How would he fit at Arsenal?


Potentially be the successor of Martinelli on the LW position while also covering/resting Saka at RW. Havertz has been flying at CF for the Gunners, if needed Rodrygo can be a solution for different dynamics as a ‘fox in the box’.

Arteta’s dynamism on the wings work with wingers who are comfortable to extend their profile to defensive duties. Rodrygo’s workrate and commitment to help in transitions help in the overall functioning of the team.

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Ever since Arsenal have signed Havertz and Mikel Arteta has moulded him into that off the ball warrior that he is, Arsenal have had a balance to playing football uniquely even without the ball. Adding Rodrygo to this mixture would be ideal in all aspects.


On the right path to supersede the Brazilian #11 in the near future if the right amount of belief is kept in his potential, the seed would burst out at the highest level. Too good of a talent to be left as the odd man out in Real Madrid’s current setup.



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