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Copa America: De Paul Expresses Fear Over Messi’s Potential Retirement

Copa America: I'm scared of Lionel Messi's retirement - Rodrigo De Paul

In a recent interview with American television channel Telemundo, Argentina star Rodrigo De Paul opened up about his concerns over the possibility of Lionel Messi announcing his retirement from international football.

Messi, a football legend who has played for both Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, holds numerous records with the Argentina national team. With 108 goals, 57 assists, and 182 caps, Messi’s impact on the team has been immense and has served as an inspiration for many players, including De Paul.

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De Paul, who currently plays for Atletico Madrid, spoke candidly about his fears regarding Messi’s retirement in an interview with All About Argentina. He emphasized the importance of Messi’s presence on the team, stating, “I’m scared of the day Messi is no longer with the national team. I always talk about it with him.”

According to De Paul, Messi’s influence goes beyond just his performance on the field. He is a pillar of support for the team and provides a sense of security for all the players. De Paul revealed that Messi has reassured him, saying, “You can pick up the phone the day the national team needs anything and I will be there. I will always be a part of you.”

The bond between De Paul and Messi reflects the strong camaraderie within the Argentina national team and underscores the impact Messi has had on his teammates.

As the Copa America unfolds, all eyes are on Messi and his performance on the field. Fans and players alike are hoping that Messi will continue to dazzle with his skills and lead Argentina to victory. However, the looming question of his potential retirement casts a shadow over the team and adds a layer of uncertainty to their future.

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De Paul’s honesty and vulnerability in expressing his fears highlight the human side of professional sports and the emotional connections that players form with their teammates. It is a reminder that even the greatest athletes have moments of doubt and anxiety about the future.

As the Copa America progresses, the focus will remain on Messi and his impact on the Argentina national team. Fans will be watching closely, hoping that Messi will continue to inspire and lead his team to success. And, as De Paul’s words echo the sentiments of many, the fear of Messi’s retirement lingers in the hearts of Argentina fans worldwide.



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