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Burna Boy Receives $5 Million Advance Payment from Atlantic Records, Says Rapper Phenom


In a recent episode of The Yarns podcast, Nigerian hip-hop artiste Phenom dropped a bombshell revelation about Grammy-winning singer Burna Boy’s massive $5 million advance payment from American record label Atlantic Records in 2017. According to Phenom, the payment was facilitated by Nigerian-American music executive Matthew ‘Baus’ Adesuyan, the owner of Bad Habit, an imprint of Atlantic Records, to which Burna Boy is signed.

Phenom also made a bold statement about his own aspirations in the music industry, claiming that he would return to rapping if presented with a $1 million advance payment offer from any record label. He emphasized the disparity in the treatment of American rappers compared to their Nigerian counterparts, citing the lucrative contracts offered to American artists by music executives.

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The ‘Murder Dem’ crooner also expressed concern about the future of rappers in Nigeria, particularly in light of the shifting landscape of the music industry. He predicted that rappers like Odumodublvck would be forced to transition to singing and other platforms, such as TikTok, in order to meet the demands of their record labels.

Phenom’s revelations have sparked a debate within the music industry, with many questioning the fairness of the treatment of Nigerian artists compared to their American counterparts. The issue of advance payments and the financial incentives provided to artists by record labels has become a focal point of discussion, raising important questions about the value of artistry and creativity in the music industry.

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As the conversation continues to unfold, it is clear that Phenom’s statements have shed light on the challenges and opportunities facing Nigerian artists in an increasingly competitive and dynamic music industry. The impact of his revelations on the future of hip-hop and rap in Nigeria remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the music industry is in a state of flux, and artists are grappling with the complexities of navigating their careers in a rapidly evolving landscape.

It is evident that the influence of American record labels and music executives is a significant factor in shaping the trajectory of Nigerian artists, and the disparity in treatment between American and Nigerian artists has become a pressing issue. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for artists, record labels, and music executives to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaboration to ensure that the interests of artists are protected and that the creative landscape remains vibrant and diverse.

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In conclusion, Phenom’s revelations about Burna Boy’s advance payment and his own aspirations have sparked a much-needed conversation about the treatment of Nigerian artists in the music industry. As the industry continues to evolve, it is essential for artists, record labels, and music executives to work together to create a fair and equitable environment that supports the growth and success of artists across all genres.



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