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Beautiful Shrug sweaters


Beautiful Shrug sweaters are impossibly fun: You can find one that matches just about any look you can concoct! While many of them have a more low-key style, that’s not all. You can find many a sweater shrug that can double as a formal cover-up in place of a shawl or wrap. If you’re unfamiliar with ways to style a sweater that’s a little looser and snuggly, here’s what you need to know.

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  • Try your sweater with longline tank tops and bootcut or skinny jeans. If you are a newbie to the sweater look, you might want to try something basic first-don’t pressure yourself to go all out just yet!
  • Toss on a sweater shrug instead of a blazer or jacket. You’ll feel less pressured to remove it in colder weather, and it won’t look like you are wearing your jacket indoors. It’s also great for someone who needs to go indoors and then outdoors without a big transition in outerwear.

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