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BATISHE Cleanup Nigeria

It is no news that Nigeria is one of the most blessed countries in the world. With a population of over 200 million people, an almost endless oil supply, over 40 natural mineral resources, and many more, Nigeria stands head and shoulders above many.

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Due to its huge landmass, Nigeria has many tourist attractions among which include beaches. Figures put the number of beaches across Nigeria at 90 or even more. Lagos alone is home to over 30 beaches. Sadly, over half of them are dirty.

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To the average Nigerian, 12th, November 2022 was probably business as usual but to the BAT cleanup group, it was a day to keep the shorelines of Elegushi beach clean.

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With more than 900 million trips to coastal regions annually, beaches rank among the top vacation spots in the nation. As tourists spend a lot of money on these coastal vacations, our seas offer more than just leisure.

BATISHE Cleanup Nigeria

This revenue is at risk due to contaminated water. Beaches that have been trashed are no longer useful to those who had intended to visit and swim there; this has an effect on the local economies through lost revenue and the employment that is supported.

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The BAT cleanup team after successfully cleaning up Elegushi with support from the Elegushi royal family will be taking this initiative to 8 other states across the country. Over 17000 personnel will be deployed and food, merchandize, and sensitization will also be provided at every beach visit. This is a laudable attempt and hopefully, more initiatives like this will start to take form across Nigeria.

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