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Arsenal have established Alexander Isak as their primary target this summer

Alexander Isak to Arsenal - Fit and Analysis

Arsenal have established Alexander Isak as their primary target this summer. Arsenal man himself would possibly love representing the badge of his heart on the pitch. The Gunners were linked with a move to bring him to the Emirates Stadium before his eventual move to Newcastle United; however, they are looking to snatch him up from St. James Park this season.

While a possible transfer to Arsenal has multiple hurdles as of now, we will take a look at a brief about him, how Isak would fit at Arsenal, and everything that the men in the infamous Reds and Whites should expect from the Swede:

Alexander Isak – Player Profile


Age: 24
Club: Newcastle United
Position: CF/LW
Preferred Foot: Right
Nationality: Swedish
Value: £74M
Height: 6’4
Avg. SofaScore rating: 7.10

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Isak is an imposing striker who runs the front line while being the biggest threat to an opponent’s defence. He often positions himself between the 2 CBs and makes clever movements in front or behind the CB to break the line or also dribble past.

One of the most unique mobile players in terms of technicality and pouncing on chances that are difficult to poach on. An eye-pleasing footballer with the right strengths and technical abilities. While at Real Sociedad, Isak was regarded as one of the biggest potential stars in the football world, at just 21 years old. Impressive numbers for the club helped him get a Sweden call-up at the Euros.

His refinement in technique and consistently picking out the corners have the potential to trademark that, just like Kylian Mbappe or Rafael Leao, he is aiming to replicate Thierry Henry. Alexander Isak’s cutting in and dribbling through tight spaces and finding the right corner is cash on money. His quick center of gravity and right spatial awareness get him into the right spaces at the right time, which go on to make up most parts of his game.

Let’s break it down to some of his key aspects:

Dribbling: Isak’s long legs are a flex when it comes to dribbling, just like his countrymen Ibrahamović. His agility while dribbling makes me call him elite in that aspect. His manipulation of the ball allows him to be a threat in possession and additionally in counterattacks.

Look at this assist

A deft touch from his laces on the right foot allows him to also maximise on his pace and be unpredictable in that sense. Closest in terms of style, apart from Mbappe whom I can visually see a resemblance in Henry. The blazing runs wide/centre makes him cause serious havoc

He can take on multiple defenders and draw opponents to his favoured position. He’s regarded as one of the best compared to other strikers.

Dropping deep: Comfortable in dropping deep and create chances for his teammates. He cleverly draws a defender and makes the most of the gap being left behind by either make quick exchanges or even doing his bit in dribbling past.

Has the right instincts to release the ball at the right time whilst also playing quick 1-2s to get out of tricky situations which speak of his high volume shot creating actions

As good as he is on the left-hand side of the pitch during build-up, he acts as a secondary mover to the far post behind an actual targeted man where he quickly makes space for himself in the penalty area

Alexander Isak Heatmap for 2023/24 season

Finishing: Variety of finishes in his textbook – cut inside and shoot with power whilst also maintaining the accuracy to bend the ball perfectly. His pace sets him apart from defenders in many 1v1s with the keeper where he deftly lofts it above the keeper.

His ambi pedal skillset while having a crack at goal helps him get into numerous shooting positions throughout a match. His execution with both feet is equally good and so is his finishing.

His ball-carrying skill in the final third is a serious threat when he attracts and gets past his opponents and helps him find the right finish everytime.

Movements: He is versatile with his movements; he opens up his posture to receive the ball, cuts and spins around, and also quickly makes enough space for himself to receive or shoot. His quick movements draw the defenders out before he plays a line-breaking pass. His movements help him create combinations throughout the pitch, especially on the flanks. He exposes channels by relentlessly running at them. His tenacity for mobility and flexibility allow for different options.

Isak’s a silent predator in the box who shades in the eyes of defenders and makes unpredictable moves. He isn’t a target man nor the best box dominator, so he relies on waiting in unusual positions to shoot at the goal. Moreover, his close control in tight spaces is a constant game-changer for him. He shifts the ball and body in different directions easily, which is really impressive considering his height and frame.

The classic striker runs + drifts into the channels to drag defenders and also create matchups; he’s well molded to take on full backs and beat defenders with his splendid pace. Reuniting with Ødegaard at Arsenal is one of Isak’s most attractive and ‘friendly’ options personally for the Swedish. Back in 2020–21, they were one of the most formidable duos in world football, known as prodigies!

Some aspects he can improve on:

Aerial: He’s not known for using the commanding size he has. Being a 6’4 striker, he can struggle in aerial duels but you can see him work at it. Needs to become a better target striker given the height and athleticism he naturally has.

Injury Record: Arsenal can’t compromise availability with the past experiences they’ve had, and it also further puts a full stop on his defensive abilities. Mikel Arteta loves physical monsters; Isak doesn’t compete in duels like he’s expected to with his stature, and his intensity defensively is also a question.

Sharper variations to trick defenders and not shying away from physically bullying defenders would enhance his general play as a CF.

Isak’s defensive abilities aren’t as pleasing. Not the most relentless presser Arteta would eye for. He is aware of how to press when necessary, but he has that natural laid-back attitude that can be coached out.

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How would he fit in?


Being a CF, he’ll lead the line, with maybe Havertz as the on-paper False 9 right behind. Both could play to their weaknesses; Havertz would enhance his aerial ability and physicality, while Isak would make up for his dribbling and playmaking.

They could interchange throughout the match, providing flexibility in the setup. He could also collect the ball and try cutting inside from the left; he could go on to switch with Martinelli according to the situation.

A combination of plays with Odegaard, where he’ll make a back-post run through the channel and get fed with the ball at his feet with link-up plays, could also be a go-to route.


Alexander Isak to Arsenal: Conclusion

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Alex Isak is a clinical goal scorer, dribbler, and blimey finisher who can thrive on chances created. Arteta wanted him in the January transfer window in 2022 when he played for Sociedad; although his goal tally wasn’t appealing according to some (44G in 132M), his talent was.

His weaknesses are coachable, and he could also not have injury woes like he currently does at Newcastle, under the right doctors at Arsenal. If Arsenal do feel he isn’t injury-prone, I see no reason why Arsenal shouldn’t go for him.

His channel running, dribbling, close control, and playmaking are crazy for a CF of his height. All this for the fee that Newcastle would ask is no doubt worth it. A Henry Regen in the current setup, coached under Arteta, is dreamy for a fan.

His out-of-position contributions and lesser tactical flexibility could be some areas where Arteta would expect him to do better. Could he possibly audition for Arsenal #14 with his resemblance to Thierry Henry?



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