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‘All American Homecoming’ Cast, Creators Talk


Hold on to your hats, folks, because All American: Homecoming’s season 2 finale was a wild ride all the way to the end! We were on the edge of our seats as one of the biggest surprises of the episode was revealed: Simone and Damon actually did more than just share a smooch! They slept together! Holy moly! Of course, this left Simone in quite the pickle as she’s currently dating Lando, so who will she choose? We can’t even begin to imagine the drama that will ensue!

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But wait, hold up! Before we get ahead of ourselves, Geffri Maya revealed exclusively to Us Weekly that she’s not sure if Simone and Damon should rush into anything serious just yet. They both have their own personal issues to work out, like Damon trying to build a relationship with his dad and Simone finding her path in college and joining a sorority. Plus, Marcus just dropped a bombshell by revealing he’s actually married, leaving us all wondering what kind of secrets he’s been keeping from Amara.

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Don’t worry, though – the Homecoming co-showrunners have promised to fill us in if the show gets renewed for a season 3. There are still some lost years in Marcus’ character that need to be accounted for, but for now, we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the crazy ride that the season finale took us on!



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