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11 things men should do to earn a woman trust


Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose, and very difficult to get back. Your good looks, well-defined muscles, immaculate dress sense, and being a smooth talker will all count for nothing when a woman cannot even trust your words, let alone your actions. That is how crucial trust is in a relationship. You cannot have a successful relationship without trust. 

If you are looking to gain the trust of a girl you care about, your best allies will be qualities like honesty, sincerity, reliability, and confidence. Trust must be given to you; all you can do is try your best to earn it.

So, here are things you should do to earn your woman’s trust… 100%.

1. Be yourself

A woman can feel when you are genuine. When there is so much fakeness in the world, a woman needs to trust the man she lays down with. Don’t try to be someone you are not to draw the interest of a girl, and then expect to gain her trust. Even if you manage to “fool” her temporarily, she will eventually see through this fabrication. Then it will be nearly impossible to earn her trust after you have deceived her right from the beginning.

Be confident in who you are, and expect that to be good enough to score her affections and, eventually, her trust. It is much easier to trust someone who looks, talks, and acts like someone comfortable in his or her “own skin.” If you know you are trustworthy, she will eventually see it too.

  1. Be clear with your intentions.

It is always easier to trust someone clear and unequivocal about their intentions, be it in business, love, or life. Evasiveness or deception about your real interest in a girl will make it easy for her to withhold her trust. In relationship terms, be up-front about whether you are just seeking some short-term fun, hope for something more lasting, or aren’t sure where you see things heading.

If you have any genuine care or respect for that girl you met at a party, for example, don’t lead her on by saying you’re interested in a long-term relationship if you are not. Show trust in her by being honest from the start, and you’ll be more likely to earn her trust in return.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact why Communicating


Look her in her eyes while communicating with her. Eye contact is significant. Looking at her in the eye gives you more accountability for what you are saying. It makes you feel like someone is lying to you when they can’t even look you in the eyes while talking.

4. Be appropriately affectionate

Many girls out there (and guys, for that matter) appreciate an unsolicited hug, a hand to hold, a gentle kiss, or a shoulder to cry on. Proving that you understand her wants and needs and that you are always “there for her” will put you on the fast track toward earning her trust.

Of course, realizing that she isn’t a hugger or showing that you know and accept her current limits on the physical nature of your relationship can also build trust. Sometimes what you don’t do is just as important as what you do to gain trust. If she feels like you don’t understand her or are pressuring her to move things forward, she is more likely to withhold her trust.

5. Don’t get defensive when she asks questions

No matter how awkward the situation and the resultant questions she fires at you, you must realize that all she wants is reassurance, and the best way to grant her that is to answer the questions as coolly and as honestly as possible.

Getting defensive will only raise her suspicion, generate more questions in her mind and decrease her trust in you.

6. Communicate with trust

Trust is almost impossible to build without regular, open, and honest communication. Prove yourself to be an active, involved, and interested listener, and speak to her thoughtfully and truthfully about your feelings, and you will slowly but surely gain her trust.

People have found that certain simple, direct phrases tend to help build trust with co-workers or clients in the business world. The same concept holds in personal relationships as well. Phrases like “thank you,” “yes,” “I will,” “What do you think?”, “I trust your judgment” and “I understand” are unequivocal and demonstrate a focus on the other person’s needs.

7. Tell her the passcode of your phone

This is easy. A phone without passwords or one whose password is well known to your lady is one of the easiest, fastest ways to earn her trust. It suggests that you have nothing to hide from her.

8. Tell her Everything about You

No keeping secrets. Tell her everything about you without her even asking. Tell her any interesting facts about your life that she should know about. Open up about things no one knows, even all the bad things you did in the past. Don’t you think it’ll be suspicious if all you say when you are talking about yourself are only the good things you can do or the good things you have done?

9. Try not to break your promise

Don’t make a promise that you cannot keep. Once you break your promise without any reasonable reason, your lady starts seeing you as a liar. It would help if you didn’t even make a promise that breaks one.

10. Don’t be too friendly with other girls

It’s okay to be friends with girls, but don’t overdo it by being too sweet or flirty with them. You don’t want to make your girlfriend feels jealous anytime she sees you with a lady.

11. Apologize but don’t make excuses

If you hurt or disappoint your lady in any way, it’s better to apologize and assure her that you regret it than to make an excuse.

You can explain your side of the story, but avoid making it seem like an excuse. The excuse can actually make you seem defensive and guilty.

You can never get the best of a woman until you have her trust. Once you have her trust, you have a strong foundation to build a strong relationship. You will need to give trust as well as receive trust. Extending your trust shows that you are willing to put your heart online and that it’s safe for her to do that too. It’s the most expensive thing in the world. Trust can take years to earn, and you could lose it in a matter of seconds. Boom! Just like that, you are back to square one.



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