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10 Tips to Fight Menopause and Hot Flashes in the Bedroom!


Menopause and hot flashes are not fun.

And I’ve been getting so many questions from readers lately about menopause that I thought it was time to address them! I’m going through this myself right now, and the hot flashes have been terrible.

So I’ve asked around, looked for some cool solutions (love the pun there!), and polled my readers. And I’ve compiled this list of 10 things that can really help you deal with menopause and hot flashes, with help from people on my Facebook Page.

Menopause and Hot Flashes: 10 tips to help relieve menopause symptoms!

First, what do we do about hot flashes?

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1. Try Black Cohosh, as a supplement or as a tea

Nature's Way Black Cohosh Root, 120 Vcaps

I read this one on the internet, and the reviews were so good I immediately ran out and got a bottle at the health food store.

I seriously notice a HUGE difference when I take this stuff vs. when I don’t. I just take one capsule a day, and the hot flashes noticeably decrease. You can buy them in capsule form, but often you can try to make black cohosh tea, too. The problem is just that it’s very bitter. But you can google to see if it works for you!

2. Fight Hot Flashes with Temperature Controlling Bedding

I’m a Slumber Cloud convert, too. Here’s the deal: NASA developed this fabric technology for astronauts that would regulate temperature. And then Slumber Cloud has the patent to use this technology in bedding. Here’s how they describe it:

Outlast® technology is made up of thousands of microscopic “beads” called Thermocules™. Each one of these Thermocules™ is designed to absorb, store, or release heat based on your ideal sleeping temperature. As your skin temperature increases, the technology will absorb that excess heat to reduce overheating. The technology will then store the excess heat away from your body until your skin temperature begins to drop. When this occurs, the stored heat is released back to you to keep you at the perfect temperature.

In other words–night sweats are greatly reduced! Yay!

My mother had night sweats constantly for years, and she just never slept. I wish she had had this then!

Slumber Cloud has a full range of bedding available, and they sent me their Nacreous mattress pad, Cumulus pillow, and Nacreous pillow cover, all with the Outlast technology. I spent all year when we were in our RV testing out the mattress cover. It really does keep the temperature constant. It helped me with hot flashes a ton–the mattress didn’t feel hot and sweaty. But on those cool nights it also helped me stay a little warmer.

SlumberCloud Menopause Mattress Cover: to keep cool while you sleep!

Lately I’ve been using their Nacreous pillow with pillow cover, too. You can buy the pillow in either soft, medium, or firm thicknesses. What I notice is that it stays cool. Before I was constantly turning my pillow over throughout the night to get that cool feeling, but I don’t have to anymore. Which makes me sleep through.

SlumberCloud pillow and pillow cover for menopause

(Okay, so I don’t iron my sheets. But I do make my bed! I consider that a success).

The covers work better when you pair them with the sheets (and they’re sending me some sheets to try out soon, too!). But even with your own it still absorbs the heat rather than holding it close to the skin.

Check out Slumber Cloud’s products here! And learn more about the Outlast technology here.

For Help with Intimacy:

3. Get Some Lubrication with Femallay Female Suppositories

One of the big changes menopause brings is that we’re just not as “lubricated” as we once were when we make love. You could be aroused, but you could still be quite dry. Then sex isn’t as comfortable, and you can’t feel as much, either.

Enter Femallay, with an amazing, all natural product to keep you “wet”. Made with premium botanical oils and butters, including organic coconut oil and naturally-sourced vitamin E, these will help make sex fun again without any irritation. They’re paraben-free, hormone-free, glycerin-free, and gluten-free. And they contain oils that don’t just lubricate you now; they also moisturize you and help you remain more lubricated later (that’s where the Vitamin E especially comes in!). You can choose from flavoured suppositories (which can make foreplay more fun!) and the scent and flavour free ones, too.

Moisturizers Pineapple JPEG

Lubrication for women

See more from Femallay here!

4. Think Outside the Box

Sometimes making love in the same way, at the same time, just doesn’t work anymore. One woman wrote this:

Since menopause (I’m 62) we’ve discovered that I can’t get aroused much in the mornings and my husband is useless at night. However – if we take a tumble in the sheets in the afternoon (especially after church on Sunday) it’s great for both of us! Being empty-nesters, this works great but still lock the doors in case someone pops by unannounced!

For Help with General Menopause Symptoms:

5. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage is the best essential oil for menopause symptoms, and I often put it in my diffuser, sometimes mixed with geranium and cypress (I usually do equal doses, so 2 drops of each in a diffuser). I do find that it helps, too!

6. Try Young Living’s Progessence Plus

On Facebook, a number of people mentioned specific supplements that they took. I can’t list every one that was mentioned. But one product that kept coming back over and over was Young Living’s Progessence Plus blend, as well as Lady Sclareol. If you know a Young Living rep, ask them about these products!

7. Try Plexus X-Factor Plus

Plexus X Factor (60 count)

The other big product that people kept coming back to on Facebook was Plexus’ X-Factor Plus. You have to take it with food, and if you have a sensitive stomach it may not be the best, but some women swear by it!

8. Eat Whole Foods

One woman said:

Eat whole foods. I was having night sweats regularly but once I dumped the process foods they only occur once in a while.

Processed foods can add to our hormonal blues because they can give us adrenal fatigue, which can make the whole hormone thing worse. Deal with it at the source, and often the problems are minimized.

It’s like eating processed foods puts you +40 on the hormonal problems scale. Then menopause puts you +60, let’s say. You may have been able to function at +40, but you can’t function at +100. Get yourself down to +60, though, and you may find it more bearable!

Oh, and many women advised dumping caffeine and alcohol, too. These definitely can contribute to menopause symptoms, and if you just can’t bear it, consider cutting down on these things you know are bad for you, anyway.

9. Dump the Processed Sugar

Along with eating whole foods, try to get rid of processed sugar as much as possible. One woman said:

Really cutting down on sugar helps lessen hot flashes. I can tell when I’ve eaten too much… they increase exponentially!

Again, processed sugar impedes our body’s natural ability to produce hormones in the right balance. When you add menopause to that, you just make everything worse!

10. Consider Going on Hormones for Menopause

Finally, HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) may be an option. My doctor won’t put me on it because I have breast cancer in my family, and that’s considered a risk factor. Some doctors are far more ready to put patients on than others, and up here in Canada you can’t just get another opinion or another referral. (But I also agree–I’m not that bad yet).

If you’re just going through agony, though, and your doctor won’t listen, and you’re ABLE to go to another doctor, then perhaps get a different opinion. As one reader shared on Facebook:

Take hormones. NOTHING else works for me. I realize there are side effects but killing someone has even longer lasting consequences.

You can’t fault her logic there. ?

Let me know: Any that I’ve missed? What’s worked fighting hot flashes for you? Let’s talk in the comments!

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